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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


We heard that Schodack was having some problems due to the heavy write-in campaign for Ray Lemka. Guess it's true.

Poll workers in the town of Schodack are sweating the effects of a write-in traffic jam today.

”We have a huge write-in turnout in the town today,” said Republican county elections Commissioner Larry Bugbee.

Backers of Republican Ray Lemka, 76, are trying to make political history. The retired town farmer has mounted a write-in campaign for the supervisor’s seat he barely lost in the Republican primary to incumbent Republican Beth Knauf Secor. Secor, 54, also has the third party lines. Lemka also lost the Democratic line after a court challenge.

The full post over at the TU can be read here.

Our favorite part of the story:

”People have been writing his name on the outside of that window,” Bugbee said. ”They have also written his name on other surfaces of the inside of the machine.”

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