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Thursday, November 15, 2007



We can finally call John Sweeney a criminal! The former congressman pled guilty to misdemeanor DWI yesterday. Wrapping this up in one court appearance was a smart move by Sweeney. And to show you we're not hard-hearted SOB's:


Still going. With the number of challenged ballots, probably headed to court. By the time it's over we'll have forgotten why the Republicans denied DeAngelis the nomination.


This is our favorite town in the entire world!

Criminal charges have mounted against a North Greenbush contractor who was angered by political signs posted on election day by town Democartic committeeman Charles ”CB” Smith and tried to allegedly attack Smith and his wife Patricia Stout-Smith in the driveway of their Marion Avenue home.

Charles ”JR” Casale, who runs Casale Excavating, is doing the work on the controversial Water District 14 project. The project has cost overruns and was a hot campaign issue. Casale was arrested by police on election day after confronting the Smiths in their driveway, said Police Chief Rocco Fragomeni. He was charged with a misdemeanor count of possession of stolen property and was released and ordered to return to town court Tuesday, Fragomeni said.

Smith also obtained a stay-away order of protection keeping Casale at least 100 feet away from Smith and the North Greenbush Pipeline.

According to the written police report, Casale allegedly said ”I will poke your eyes out with this sign. I will kill you. I’ll push you through the window.”

Casale then left with the $30 sign and was stopped by police at Winter Street and Whiteview Road.

Casale’s attorney John Aretakis said in a prepared statement Wednesday that he will file charges against the police and the Smiths for provoking his client.

Uh....'I'll push you through the window.' A car window? Which could cause Smith to plummet three feet to the ground? And, he'd be blind....and dead so big deal. Also sounds as if Aretakis is going to use the Battered Contractors Syndrome defense, a well-documented phenomenon. With Aretakis involved we know this will be handled in a quiet, dignified manner.

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