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Friday, November 09, 2007


We keep plugging along.


The shocker in Schodack continues. Write-in candidate Ray Lemka has a hyper-slim 14 vote lead over incumbent Supervisor Beth Secor. Beth...sweetie...he's...a...write-in...candidate! It's the political equivalent of getting your ass kicked by the captain of the chess team.

The write-in election did not go smoothly. Voters wrote Lemka's name on the Plexiglas window covering the paper ballot and on other portions of the machine. Machines ran short of paper and voters wandered away with pens. One voter, misunderstanding the voting instructions, ate the paper while others wrote Lemka's name on one another and delivered themselves to the Board of Elections.

Lessons? 1) Our voting infrastructure is not designed to handle close elections 2) There is a pen shortage in Schodack.


Less than forty-eight hours after the polls closed, Republican candidate Greg Cholakis went from being the assumed winner to 250+ votes behind Democrat Rich McNally. Not a position and candidate wants to be in before the absentees are counted. Still too close to call?

You may have noticed that the Troy Polloi steered clear of this race. It was, and remains, our sincere position that both men, while bringing different strengths to the position, would be good stewards of that particular office.


Fresh from their Tuesday night massacre of the GOP council candidates, the Troy Democrats are already flexing their new-found muscle via promised committee appointments.

In an effort to reach out to the GOP minority, Democrats have offered Mark Wojcik (Dist. 1) the Chairmanship of the Committee to Repair the City Hall Elevator. Wojcik, who early this evening swallowed a fist full of Aqua Dots, could not be reached for comment.

On a more serious note: Council President Hank Bauer sounded, not unexpectedly, gracious:

"Chappy will be a very good president of the council. People will be somewhat surprised that there's not going to be a lot of change. I suspect we will work through any problematic issues."

As for Councilman Wojcik:

Republican Councilman Mark Wojcik said, "I hope that they can agree we are going in the right direction and we do work together."
Remember that kid in school? They one that never got it?

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