The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Saturday, October 31, 2015


Team Troy, a group of largely virgin candidates lead by Council President Rodney Wiltshire, seemed united and organized when the campaign season began. They put up a decent fight for the Democratic line but largely lost their races. Then, they decided to move forward and actively campaign on the WFP line.

Have some cracks emerged in this formerly united team? After all, they billed themselves as Team Troy and we all know, there is no I in Team Troy.

At-Large candidate Anasha Cummings is informing people that he is running on his own and is not one of Wiltshire's people. Cummings has always professed his independence from the usual machine-type politics of Troy but to suggest he's not one of Wiltshire's Get is disingenuous.

The Team Troy facebook page has not been updated since August 3, 2015.

Councilman Bob Doherty (D-4) is privately telling people to vote Madden because he's afraid that Gordon will win. The Councilman has also removed the Wiltshire signs that once adorned his property. Others have said that while the door-to-door campaign was prevalent before the primary, it has dropped off  precipitously in the past few weeks.

We don't know if something has happened (another woman perhaps) or the Team has been too busy electioneering to operate in a unified fashion. Sources close to the Troy Polloi have pointed to some strain in priorities and money. A few of the Team believe that they may have been used by the head of the ticket. If you've heard something, do tell.

We hope the rumors are largely unfounded. We liked the Team Troy experiment and even though we believe they could spoil a race or two for the Democrats, they have made it more exciting and far more colorful than it would have been otherwise. It would be physically painful to spend our time writing about Tom Casey, Wayne D'Arcy et. al. No offense to them. They just are not that exciting.








Rodney picked up the endorsement of  The New York State Nurses Association, to go with the other 125 union endorsements he has.




Ok class, settle down. We had a film strip all ready for today but the AV club screwed it up. Instead, we'll do some math. Grab your number#2 pencil and take out some scrap paper.

For the past two mayoral cycles, the number of votes has remained consistent. In '07, Harry Tutunjian received 5,400 votes to Jim Conroy's 4,100. Four years ago, Rosamilia got 5,000 votes to Mantello's 4,100. So, safe to say, 9,100 to 9,500 people will vote. We think it may be a bit higher: maybe 9,700. For this exercise, we'll go with 9,250 votes cast for mayor.

The simply analysis is that Gordon (R) will be able to hold down Mantello's 4,100 votes, leaving Madden (D) and Wiltshire (WFP) to carve up the residual 5,000 votes. In this scenario, Wiltshire needs roughly 1000 votes to hand Gordon the keys to Hedley Place. That would be 150 more votes than Wiltshire grabbed in the primary. Not a tall order.

This presupposes that the same people vote in each election and vote for the same party. We know this isn't true because 1,000 votes switched from R to D from 2007 to 2011. We could also theorize that there are 1,000 swing voters that actually decide the election. Based on these numbers, we have the following formula:

Therefore, Gordon has an ERA of 4.14.

We do think that turnout will be up but not by much. Maybe total of 9,700 voters. Wiltshire has likely registered people and his type of campaign does get people to the polls. The Peyton Place-like nature of the race has to have increased interest.

The First Model is the Rosamilia-Mantello Model: 5,000 democrat votes, split 50-50 and 4,000 republican votes all to Gordon.

We reject that model for a number of reasons. That election was on the heels of a Democratic petition fraud scandal involving candidates and democratic operatives. We don't have that here. Mantello had been in politics since Gordon was in lederhosen, pushing little girls on the playground. Mantello is a better candidate than Gordon, more likeable and talented. And, the 911 call in the room, the 911 call.

Our prediction for the Mayor's Race (and it based on guess work due to the lack of released polling) is the following.

1. 9,500 people will vote for mayor.

2. Democrat Patrick Madden will receive approximately 3,450 votes (36%).

3. Republican Jim Gordon will receive approximately 2,950 votes (31%).

4. WFP candidate Wiltshire will receive approximately 2,850 votes (30%)

 5. Revolution Party candidate Jack Cox Jr. will receive 250 votes. (.026%)

As you can see, turnout will be paramount. A few undecided break a different way and a few people decide to stay home and it becomes even tighter. If we are off by 250 votes, it could be dead even.

Based on what we see now, the most interesting part of this will be whether or not Wiltshire gets more votes than Gordon. No, we are not joking. We believe that Wiltshire is that good a candidate, Gordon that poor a candidate and that the 911 story hurt Gordon. If the Record article hurt, the release of the tape is far more devastating than we first thought. When three Republican women tell us they are voting for Madden and mention the 911 tape, we take notice even if it is only anecdotal.

If Wiltshire was not in the race, do we actually believe be a 70-30 blowout? Yes, we do. Of course, this is just a guess, a feeling a hunch. Give us your predictions.

Friday, October 30, 2015



In their endorsement, the Times-Union is blunt:

"Although this is his first run for elected office, Mr. Madden is well prepared for the difficult tasks he would face. For three decades, he has run the nonprofit Troy Rehabilitation and Improvement Project, or TRIP, which has worked to provide affordable housing to city residents primarily through the restoration of older, rundown properties. The organization has also helped many in the city’s poorest neighborhoods become homeowners, a key to reversing the trend of neglected rental properties and absentee landlords.

At TRIP, he has handled multimillion dollar budgets for years and has a keen understanding of the process, including the need for multiyear financial planning. That’s a far cry from the way the city’s budget adoption is now hurriedly squeezed into the final two months of the year."

On Gordon (R):

"First-term Republican councilman Jim Gordon refused to discuss his candidacy with the Times Union Editorial Board amid a controversy over a 911 domestic call to his home. His reticence does not speak well of his temperament or suitability for such a high profile public post."

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Listen up, citizens of Troy. Actually, this post is addressed solely to those who will, under no circumstances, vote for James Gordon (R). Hate to be exclusive, Gordonites. Feel free to read the post or, if you like, you can wait for us in the lounge. Try the Romanee-Conti and the Almas Beluga. But no double-dipping.

One of the non-Gordon candidates will get more votes than the other. We believe Madden will get more votes. Partly because Madden has a major party line. Undecided voters are not agonizing between supporting Madden or Gordon. Or Wiltshire or Gordon. People are deciding between Madden and Wiltshire.

If Wiltshire supporters believe not that he can win, but that he will win, then they can stop reading now. Good luck to you and God speed. If you are undecided, please consider the following.

Wiltshire, and to a lesser extent his ticket mates, may believe they will win. If so, see above. If you are unsure, ask yourselves why Wiltshire persists, as does Bissember, Cummings, Kownack et. al.

1. Spite. Wiltshire did not get the Democratic nomination, hates Wade.... so he does not care if he burns the house down.

2. Wiltshire knows the split vote means a Gordon victory. Wiltshire plans a takeover of the Democratic Committee at the next Committee elections. He will also try and run again in two years or try and unseat Gordon in four years.  He does not want to wait eight years.

The second option does not require a third party run this year. It may be time for Wade to finally step aside. Wiltshire and his folks have shown a talent for organizing a ground game. With some patience and another year to grow, they probably could control the committee. Or make great gains in that direction.

The first option, even if there's a hint of truth, is simply inexcusable. We prefer to believe that Wiltshire's motives are not he result of spite.

If you believe that Wiltshire's run may give us Jim Gordon as mayor, you're right. There is every chance that Wiltshire will take enough votes from Madden to saddle us with a Gordon administration. If Wiltshire seeks to reform the party, no one can deny such an effort is past due. So reform the party. Don't destroy it.

Ask yourself how a Gordon victory in any way advances the WFP agenda. Madden will listen and work with you. Will Gordon will do the same? Why would he? Why should he? While Gordon would actually owe his election to Wiltshire voters he will owe them nothing. Does that escape Team Troy? Not everyone. Councilman Bob Doherty (D-4) has told numerous people that Gordon cannot be elected and that they should vote for Madden. Yet, he won't do it publicly.

We hate to pick on Anasha Cummings. We like Anasha. We think he offers something different for the City of Troy. He is not going to win. He may take enough votes to effect the at-large race. He does not seem to get real politik, treating the election as a lark.

Anasha's campaign video and jingle was different and cute. We don't need cute. Anasha, this is serious business. Troy faces a number of problems and those bobbling heads at Famous Lunch won't be smiling when Gordon is sitting in City Hall. Time to grow up. This is not a game.

Bissember probably will take enough votes and give District 5 Tom Casey. David, why do you want Tom Casey to win Ken's old seat? How does that help you or your supporters? How does that advance your agenda.

Anyone is entitled to run for any office they desire. They don't have to do it on a major party line. They do not have to bow out because they can have an effect on the race disproportionate to their support. Ask Ralph Nader. We would just ask those undecided to truly consider the impact their Wiltshire vote may have on the future of the city. You cannot possibly believe that Gordon and people like Mark Wojcik will in any way advance your agenda. They can't possibly believe Gordon will be a better steward of the city than Pat Madden.

We are not asking you to believe that Patrick Madden will be a great mayor. We hope he is a good one. We are not asking you to believe that Patrick Madden will be a better mayor than Wiltshire. Only that he will be better and more responsive to you than Gordon.

We'd ask anyone with any influence at all, be it facebook or another medium, to consider this and perhaps change their support to Madden. Bring what influence they have to prevent a Gordon administration. If they can't, we understand.

In the end, everyone is free to vote for the candidate they choose. If their vote results in a mayor anathema to their beliefs, so be it. That's democracy. Just don't bitch and moan when Mayor Gordon and his crew refuse to listen to you. With Madden you'll have clout. With Gordon, disdain.

Sorry for the somber post. We'll walk through the numbers in another post and let you decide if our analysis is sound or alarmist.

This post brought to you by:



Our crack team of statisticians have whipped out the old abacus and delved deep into the psyche of the Troy voter. Based on a carefully prepared questionnaire and a broad-based survey, they have developed a profile of the average supporter of Democratic Mayoral Candidate Patrick Madden and GOP candidate Jim Gordon.


Average age: 54.2 years old

Most Common Name: Jim, Steve, Bernice, Sue, Len

Profession: Insurance, accounting, government service

Religion: Catholic, Protestant, Jewish

Sport: Golf, Shuffleboard

Hobbies: fly fishing, naps, scratching, chasing kids off lawns, mild cardiac events

Music: K.C. and  the Sunshine Band (Boogie Shoes), Bay City Rollers (Saturday Night)

Education Level: College, Graduate School

Race: White, Black, Hispanic, Asian

Exercise: Walking, walking faster

Gender: Male, Female

Average Household Income: $81,000

Books: The Boys of Summer, Truman, Band of Brothers

Movies: The Godfather, Animal House, Stripes

Foreign Language: High School French

Heart Throbs: Loni Anderson, Burt Reynolds

Favorite Dating site:


Average age: 50.2 years old

Most Common Name: Jim, Tim, Kim and Flora

Profession: County, Lawn Care, DPW

Religion: Catholic, Protestant, Jewish

Sport: Football, Rugby

Hobbies: Grilling, bumper stickers, extreme couponing , prank calls

Music: Shawn Colvin (Sunny Came Home), Suzanne Vega (My Name is Luka) Thompson Twins (Lay Your Hands)

Education Level: College, High School

Race: White, Off-White

Exercise: Stair Master, Shadow Boxing

Gender: Male, Female

Average Household Income: $61,000

Books: Sarah Palin, A Life, Reader's Digest Condensed Books, Biscuit Goes to the Fair

Movies: The Burning Bed, Fatal Attraction,

Foreign Language: Fuck No.

Heart Throbs: Jennifer Aniston, Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Favorite Dating Site:


Only this time, his target is a man. Yesterday we heard our first JGor ad. Perhaps there have been other ads but this was our first time. And Jim wasn't gentle. Didn't even buy us dinner. Jim attacked Democrat Pat Madden's tenure as CEO of TRIP (Troy Rehabilitation and Improvement Program). The ad focused on TRIP's deficit (allegedly just over $100,000) and 50 code violations.

So far, the Republican candidate has had more to say about TRIP's non-existent deficit than Troy's potential $1.9 million hole. It's been one year since the Council knew that we had this sword of Damocles* hanging over our heads but our Council has been silent. Until now, when political points can be scored.

The code violations are true but misleading. Gordon doesn't say how many properties TRIP owns or rehabs. He also doesn't mention the nature of the violations (loose handrails?). There isn't a building in Troy that doesn't have at least one code violation and those are not buildings that have undergone rehabilitation. So, Gordon's ads are approximately 25.3% true. The deficit does not exist. The code violations do but code violations are not a rarity.

That said, its a typical attack ad and not, like some say, out of bounds. When did everyone get so sensitive? If that's the best they have against Madden they have to go with it. The motive is more intriguing. Is it a sign of weakness or strength? Traditionally, campaigns spend money on negative ads when they feel they have slipped. Here Gordon is trying to send some Madden voters over to Wiltshire. Does anyone think a voter inclined towards Madden is really switching to Gordon? Finally, if TRIP is so poorly run, why is Gordon contributing to the organization? Is that the type of mayor he will be? Tossing money into an organization he doesn't respect or think is well run? If Gordon ran anything close to the size of TRIP, the ad  might have more impact.

The attack ad this late is a clear sign that Gordon views Madden as the threat, not Wiltshire. The GOP probably believes that Wiltshire will grab 15% of Madden's vote. If the numbers mirror 2011...well, we all know what that means.


You can view the Madden and Gordon Public Safety Plans here. Neither involve tights, capes or masks.


Looks like there is a Troy Polloi Community facebook page started a few days ago. We're not complaining but it ain't us. There is a very good video on the facebook page that demonstrates the clear difference between the GOP At-Large candidates and Democrat At-Large candidates. We understand that more video's will be forthcoming. Enjoy. If you tell them we sent you, you get 10% off.

*A 4th Century Greek courtier, brother of Hepatitis, cousin of Diabetes.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


This is the Big Kahuna. You run what is basically a mayoral campaign and all you get is the same vote as District 4 (pop. 75). You can win the Council Presidency if you're not too careful. So candidates, beware. Shoot for second place. Your mistakes are not as publicized. Currently, there are 57 candidates running for 3 at-large seats.

Except for 2013, when Republican Carmella Mantello finished fourth, narrowly losing to Lynn Kopka, the Democrats have dominated the At-Large races. Since 2009 that is. The third place Democrat has averaged about 450 votes more than the highest Republican vote-getter. Will this year be different with spoiler Team Troy in the mix?


These are the real democrats. We mean the candidates that actually won the Democrat Primary. Two out of the three are newcomers to electoral politics. The veteran of the group has only one election notch on her belt. One candidate, we won't say which one, is a cyborg.


This political newcomer is an Associate Dean at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. We don't what an associate dean does but it sounds impressive. Dresher was the top vote-getter in the Democratic primary on September 10. He's young, smart and professional. That said, we still believe he would be an asset to the council and to Troy. He's in a unique position to help integrate RPI and the city to the benefit of all. We should be a college town. We are not. Not compared to other college towns.


An incumbent, Sullivan-Teta is running for her second term on the council. She has comported herself in a diligent, mature manner. Despite that reputation, she can still be a good representative. Sullivan-Teta is the mother of six children, so she probably needs to get out of the house once in a while. Her project: A Residency Occupancy Permit program to help fight slumlords.


Carol Weaver, another political newbie. She either worked for a variety criminal justice agencies and was the Public Information Officer for the Board of Parole or she's on parole. We were drinking when we read her bio. That's all we know.


When the GOP needs some wins, they turn to the ladies. Female candidates tend to run well in Troy politics, no matter the party.  They don't always win of course. Billie Jean Green and Deb Lockrow didn't but they ran against incumbents. Like the Democrats, two out of the three here are first-timers. All three issued a joint press release a few weeks back on their plan to fight crime. Domestic violence was not addressed.


Another first-timers, Daley hails from Utica, NY and owns and operates an art restoration business. To date, she has restored former councilman Art Judge and former Deputy DA, Art Glass. We'd like to write all we know about Andrea, and we just did. She looks like a neighborhood association type. A well-known capo in Little Italy. Well-liked by all accounts.


Once again, another rookie in the field. McPherson is a lifelong Trojan. According to her facebook page, she believes "enough is enough." Rumor has it that she killed a man in Tijuana one night just to watch him die. Again, well-liked by all accounts.


Already profiled, by us and everyone else.  Stalking Troy voters for over twenty years.


The people who wanted to run as Democrats and lost in the primaries have regrouped and will run on the Working Families Party Line. It was a smart move by Wiltshire to assemble a ticket for his bid for the Democratic nod. In the districts, they only pose a problem for the Democrats in district 5. Here, they could have a bit more of an impact. While it is unlikely that any of them will win, they could drain a few votes from certain candidates, especially Weaver. We'll know soon enough. The WFP is searching for a new logo. One that doesn't look like, at quick glance, a hospital parking sign.


aka The Dart Lady.* It's not uncommon to hear people paint Kownack as, well, a bit of a flake. If she is a flake, we could use some more flakiness around town.  Kownack is a graduate of Troy High School and an veteran of the United States Army. She is one of those activist types. You know the kind, all talk and no action. Except, Kownack has put her money where her mouth is on more than a few occasions. She was instrumental in revitalizing the Troy Central Little League. She was involved in the Uptown Community Harvest Festival and a host of other groups. She actually attends Council meetings. Best of all, the only candidate we know that has been threatened with the guillotine by a cliché. Sacre Bleu!


No, it's not a fake name on a hotel registry. It's a candidate. Don't know about this guy. Works at Coxsackie Correctional Facility. We don't believe he's a Corrections Officer. Perhaps he works in Guidance or payroll. He did save our life one day when he drove by and did not run us over. That's all we have.


Already profiled.


Overall, a disappointing group. We have the sinking feeling that this might be the least partisan group of at-large candidates in quite some time. There is a good chance that any combination of the above will exercise common-sense, decency and collegiality. Not a bomb-thrower in the bunch. If this is a trend, we'll be out of business soon.

* Called the Dart Lady for her exemplary work on the Detroit Area Rapid Transit system.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015



Last numerically but first in our hearts. District 6 is the end of the line. The southern most frontier of our beloved city. Hot days and steamy, tropical nights are this district's hallmark. Also known as the Gateway to Menands and the Hudson Riviera. This District includes South Troy as well as the all-important Emerald Greens neighborhood. There's a lot of registered voters up there and they turn out. Sometimes twice.

Geography: A wonderful blend of industrial and suburban, next to 5, the most diverse district.

Past Electoral History:


G. Galuski - D 744
J. Schofield - R 609


G. Galuski - D 882
D. Mahoney - R 807


G. Galuski - D 605
E. Ned - R 336
E. Rossier - W 163


D- 1,476
R - 686
C- 226
W- 64
I - 287
Blank - 1,217

Likely a Democratic stronghold ever since current Councilman Galuski unseated incumbent Carolin Collier. Corey Jenkins of Team Troy has gracefully bowed out of the campaign, fully understanding that he could be a spoiler. A random act of political maturity.

Hot Button Issue: Does the Menands Bridge go from Menands to Troy or from Troy to Menands



D'Arcy is a retired Probation Supervisor and a newcomer to Troy politics. That's about all we know. Based on his past profession he probably knows a lot of families in District 6. Based on his past profession, the people he knows probably won't vote for him.


Donohue is another newcomer to the Troy Political scene. He works at Hudson Valley Community College and for the Department of Naval and Military Affairs. That's about it. Oh. As far as we know, never killed anyone.

Did You Know: There is an election in District 6.


The four men who want to be Troy Mayor met last night at Russell Sage College. Jim Gordon (R), Rodney Wiltshire (WFP), Jack Cox Jr. (RP) and Patrick Madden (D) made the case for their candidacy before 200 people at the Troy 100 forum.

Working Families Party Candidate Rodney Wiltshire immediately went on the offensive, immediately attacking Democrat Madden:

"Why the beard, Patrick. What are you hiding under that beard? And what's with Patrick. Your name's William. You should tell people that. Did the party bosses tell you to go by Pat, William?"

Madden responded: "I am the only candidate called Pat. I have the experience to be called Pat and if you knew how to read a birth certificate you'd know that."

Republican Jim Gordon discussed his favorite book, "How Boots Fooled the King."

Revolutionary Party Candidate Jack Cox Jr. was just happy to be invited but scolded the audience. "You're going to vote for one of these guys and you're going to be pissed in four years. We all know it because you guys suck."

If you attended, give us your thoughts.

Monday, October 26, 2015


UPDATE: This just in: Senator Gillibrand has revoked her endorsement of Patrick Madden saying it was "a private moment between politicians and not meant for the public." Developing.


United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand endorsed Democratic mayoral candidate Patrick Madden today. Saying that: “Patrick Madden has the experience and strong values needed to continue moving Troy forward.. He is a uniquely qualified professional who knows exactly what it takes to encourage growth and develop Troy’s neighborhoods. Under his leadership, Troy’s city government can focus on improving the quality of life throughout the Collar City.” The Senator went on to say, "This guy kicks ass!"

Gillibrand is probably the biggest name endorsement this year. Earlier, Working Families Party candidate Rodney Wiltshire was endorsed by former gubernatorial candidate Zephyr Teachout. Teachout, a former associate professor at Fordham Law School, challenged Andrew Cuomo in the 2014 primaries, getting a surprising 34%.

The man who ultimately lost to a very unpopular Cuomo, Rob Astorino, has endorsed GOP candidate Jim Gordon.  Astorino is the Westchester County Executive.

Endorsing Gordon, Astorino said, "Jim Gordon is a candidate for mayor. The police investigated and he wasn't arrested."

So lets get this straight. Madden has been endorsed by a woman who won her congressional seat in the wake of Congressman John Sweeney's own Domestigate.

Wiltshire was endorsed by a woman who took on the state political machine and captured a third of that vote, surprising everyone.

Gordon was endorsed by some dude that lost to a highly unpopular governor in a very overwhelming Republican year. We'll take the Gillibrand endorsement for obvious reasons. It's not like we want to hold her down or anything but...

The Teachout endorsement may be the most valuable. The WFP and allied unions have been pumping cash into Wiltshire's campaign. The State Democratic Committee has not been generous to Madden. Gordon has received a decent amount of cash from the State Republican Committee.


The notorious push poll that took direct aim at WFP nominee Rodney Wiltshire has not been claimed. Nothing that could remotely be an expenditure on such a poll has appeared on any of the 11 Day Pre General Election disclosures. Shocking, that. A campaign law violation. However, the Gordon camp has not filed their disclosure as of this afternoon. Maybe it's their baby.



Democrat Pat Madden took a few hits at the mayoral debate from both his opponents, Republican Jim Gordon and WFP candidate Rodney Wiltshire. The topic: TRIP finances. Madden, of course, is the top dog at the Troy Rehabilitation and Improvement Program. A cursory glance at some TRIP financials shows a the not-for-profit running a deficit. Madden's opponents took the opportunity to pounce on this fact. However, here, Madden explains how to read such numbers. Hopefully, in the event of a Gordon or Wiltshire victory, Madden will be available at budget time.

This is why you always look into an attack line before using it.

Of course, TRIP can't be run too poorly. The Gordon campaign has used campaign funds to donate to the organization.


The Troy City Council Finance Committee announced that it will set aside an additional $45,000 in reserve funds in anticipation of a Gordon victory. The additional funds will be allocated to the purchase of seven...

To be placed at various locations throughout City Hall.


We are tired of saying 911 Tape, Gordon 911 Tape...We have settled on "Domestigate", a word we hope encapsulates the call, the illegal release of the call, the contradiction between Gordon's version and the call and the ongoing investigation. As Domestigate  continues, a thought occurred to us. If the recording was copied via a phone, why wasn't it copied as a simple audio file? Why does it look like it was filmed in order to capture the audio? Does this reflect the age of the individual(s). Over fifty, perhaps?  Also, if we were doing it, we'd plan ahead and use a spouse's phone or the friend's phone. Just sayin'.

Sunday, October 25, 2015


A quick break from the election for this Sunday morning's SPECIAL EDITION. Also look for more than one post a day as election day draws near. The extra material won't cost you a dime more than you pay now.

While Internal Affairs (no pun intended) investigates the unlawful release of the Gordon 911. recording, we were thinking about a few more things they may want to investigate. Just investigate. That's all. We are not saying any charges would be brought or any disciplinary action would be taken, but it's worth a look.


Ronita McColley, was the resident of 396 First Street on July 3, 2008 when police executed the no-knock search warrant at her first-floor apartment, which the Rensselaer county Drug and Gang Task Force believed to be a “stash house.” A confidential informant indicated he had purchased crack-cocaine at the residence. The head Investigator, Mike Riley applied for a search warrant to Troy City Court Judge Matt Turner for four residences, including McColley’s. Riley did not include information about the residents of 396 First Street or mention McColley in the application. Troy's Emergency Response Team executed the warrant. The apartment was clean.

Not unexpectedly, Ms. McColley commenced a 42 U.S.C. § 1983 action alleging causes of  action, inter alia, for false arrest, false imprisonment, assault and battery, and trespass. On February10, 2010, Plaintiff filed an Amended Complaint, raising the same claims against Defendants County of Rensselaer; Rensselaer Investigator Michael Riley, the City of Troy; and unknown Troy Police Officers Moe Doe and Joe Doe.*

It is not our intention to relitigate this case. If you are interested in the details, you can find them in the Decision that dismissed the case against the City of Troy and Troy Police Officers Doe and Doe. It's an interesting case.

The case against Rensselaer County and Investigator Riley proceeded to trial in July of 2015. The jury deliberated for less than an hour and found the defendants not liable. Now, for those of you who may think ill of Ms. McColley, she was a single mom, gainfully employed with the State and had no criminal record. The apartment was spotless. Again, this is all for background purposes.

One of the key witnesses for Ms. McColley was none other than Chief of Police john Tedesco (then Assistant Chief). Tedesco testified that Police Chief Nick Kaiser had ordered him to perform an investigation. That investigation was reduced to a report and was highly critical of the Task Force.

Interestingly, Tedesco, in performing this investigation, did not interview...the top guy, Michael Riley. According to Tedesco, Kaiser said not to interview Riley.

Every cop will tell you that Tedesco hates the modern concept of police special teams. If he had his way, everyone would be in uniform and patrolling the streets. We're are not criticizing this philosophy, just setting forth the philosophy.

All of this is fairly straightforward. But...

Does anyone believe that Chief Kaiser would have ordered Tedesco to investigate a leaky toilet let alone this matter? If he did, would he have ordered Tedesco not to speak with the main guy who applied for the warrant?

Our sources have told us that Kaiser denies ever ordering Tedesco to perform the investigation and that Tedesco inserted himself into the process. If true, could that constitute perjury, before a Federal judge and jury? We think this would be a ripe story for some investigative journalist.

Which leads us to our second topic for an Internal Affairs investigation.


 A few years back, in the good-old days of the Tutunjian reign, the Special Operations Section began an investigation based on information from a confidential informant. That CI (or confidential informant) provided information that drugs were being sold from within the administration. There was also allegations of what sounds like a gambling ring. The SOS eventually focused on certain targets. Some you may know. Others, probably not. The city has many employees and departments. For the record, Tutunjian was not -we repeat - not a target. Barbecue sauce, even taken intravenously,  is not a controlled substance.

Confronted with this information Chief Kaiser made the fatal error of speaking with the administration. Soon after, the targets ceased their activities and the investigation dried up. Why he didn't go to the FBI or the State Police is not known.

During the course of this little drama, did a certain assistant chief approach an SOS officer and request access to the CI Book? This is one of the few occasions that a subordinate can refuse an order. He did and the assistant chief backed down. Why would an assistant chief want to see CI Book? Was the CI a city employee? Was the assistant chief running interference for the administration?

All of this is good stuff. All of this proves nothing. That's not our point. Our point is, there is enough here to spark an investigation. Will we see one? Of course not. However, doesn't this potential systemic problem seem more worthy of investigation than a leaked 911 tape? Of course, the subject of that tape might soon be Tedesco's boss. Tedesco is a financial backer of Gordon and so it goes.

If there are any people out there with any details, feel free to e-mail us. We will not turn over our CI Book to any authorities. PS We will not publish comments that name names. We might laugh but we don't want anyone accused of drug dealing, using or gambling without actual evidence. We're not Republicans after all. We'll try to develop this story but its doubtful we can uncover much that went on here. People still on the force don't want to endanger their job and those retired probably want to put it all behind them.

* Aliases for officers  Moe and Joe Roe. They are not related.

Saturday, October 24, 2015


The Gordon 911 story held us down for a few days. Now we can get back to our district race profiles.


Possibly the most diverse election district, economically, socially, racially and alphabetically. District 5, or The 5-0, encompasses parts of South Troy as well as the East Side. Five has it all. A resident can imbibe at a local common room, break into a house on a tree-lined street and find themselves down at the jail: All without leaving the confines of District 5. Except for the jail. That's in 6.  It's one-stop shopping. Newcomers may refer to anything south of Washington Park as South Troy but to the Old Timers, South Troy began south of the canal.

Geography: Very urban and industrial, until you climb the hill.  One great feature: the Avenue of Presidents: Washington, Adams, Jefferson et al. and those two shadowy, enigmatic Chief Executives, Ida and Canal.

Electoral History:


K. Zalewski - D  Unopposed


K. Zalewski - D 1,266
S. Donnelly - R 740


K. Zalewski - D Unopposed


D- 1,511
R- 675
C- 168
W - 74
I- 293
Blank - 1,298

Councilman Ken Zalewski (term-limited) challenged incumbent Bob Krogh back in 2007 and defeated him handily. Since then, Zalewski has made District 5 his bitch. In an electoral sense, that is.



Kopka has served as Council President after her 2011 victory in the at-large race. Two years later she won another at-large race, narrowly, but lost the presidency. She is now gunning for a district seat. She should be a shoe-in, but for David Bissember. Bissember, of Team Troy, looked like the primary winner on September 10. After the absentee ballots were opened, Kopka emerged victorious. Like a feral cat, she appears to have nine political lives. But Bissember is still on the ballot as the Working Families candidate. You know,  Kopka takes a lot of shit for raising the feral cat problem as an issue. Right. Because trying to reduce the feral cat population is 'whacky' rather than humane. It also helps prevent the spread of disease. If you find that ridiculous, you're  a twat. Wiltshire and Zalewski strongly dislike Kopka, finding her rude for not sampling their Kool-Aid.


 I know. We couldn't believe it either. This is the same Tom Casey that used to be Troy Republican Chair. He might be a decent guy, but Christ. Years ago, when Casey was Chair, Ken Zalewski challenged incumbent Bob Krogh. This was in 2007. In an interview with Chet Hardin, Zalewski and Krogh comported themselves as gentlemen. No cheap shots. Casey couldn't help but criticize the money raised by Zalewski, which was quite a bundle. Some of it from people outside Troy! Egad! Perhaps this was a vague reference to Zalewski living openly as a Polish-American. Anyway, while he's criticizing Zalewski for raising $6,000 of non-Troy money, Tutunjian had raised more than $30,000 from corporations outside of Troy. A hack in the truest sense. Enjoys Buxtehuda while quaffing a '47 Pichon Longueville.  D-5 isn't known for self-inflicted wounds. Maybe this time.


A newcomer to the political scene, Bissember made a move for the Democratic nod as the shortstop for Team Troy and almost won. Now, he's the WFP candidate for District 5, with a real shot at being a spoiler and giving us Councilman Casey. That, frankly, should give any thoughtful person pause. Or, does Zalewski have enough political juice to push his hand-picked successor over the finish line. Reform party politics by hand-picking your successor? Guess that's not a machine.

Did You Know: District 5 sits between District 4 and District 6.

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Thought we'd start Friday with a little tune to brighten your day.

We don't want to flog a dead hedgehog (except in mixed company) but the press seems focused on how the Gordon 911 tape went public. A story to be sure. But notice how the press is ignoring the other story: Was Mayoral candidate Jim Gordon subject to mandatory arrest? Why aren't they covering that aspect of the case? A mayoral candidate is visited by members of a police force run by a financial supporter. Is that a story? Fuck it. Will find the answer for ourselves and for you, loyal readers (feel free to leave something in the tip jar).

The Family Protection and Domestic Violence Intervention Act of 1994 amended section 140.10 of the Criminal Procedure Law, to mandate arrest in certain domestic violence situations.

The law states:

Notwithstanding any other provisions of this section, a police officer shall arrest a person, and shall not attempt to reconcile the parties or mediate, where such officer has reasonable cause to believe that:

(a) a felony, other than subdivisions three, four, nine or ten of section 155.30 of the penal law, has been committed by such person against a member of the same family or household, as
defined in subdivision one of section 530.11 of this chapter; or...

(b) a duly served order of protection is in effect...

(c) a misdemeanor constituting a family offense, as described in subdivision one of section 530.11 of this chapter and section 812 of the Family Court Act, has been committed by such person against such family or household member, unless the victim requests otherwise. The officer shall not inquire as to whether the victim seeks an arrest of such person.

Nothing contained in this subdivision shall be deemed to restrict or impair the authority of any municipality, political subdivision or the division of state police from promulgating rules,
regulations and policies requiring the arrest of persons in additional  circumstances where domestic violence has allegedly occurred.

The misdemeanors outlined in Section 812 of the Family Court Act include:

"disorderly conduct, harassment in the first degree, harassment in the second degree, aggravated harassment in the second degree, stalking in the first degree, stalking in the second degree, stalking in the third degree, stalking in the fourth degree, criminal mischief, menacing in the second degree, menacing in the third degree, reckless endangerment, assault in the second degree, assault in the third degree or an attempted assault between spouses or former spouses ..."

Harassment in the Second Degree:

1. The defendant, struck, shoved, kicked or otherwise subjected to physical contact or attempted or threatened to do the same; followed in or about a public place or places; engaged in a course of conduct or repeatedly committed acts which alarmed or seriously annoyed and which
served no legitimate purpose; and

2. That the defendant did so with intent to harass, annoy or

Therefore, if Gordon's acts, as referenced in the 911 call, could be harassment in the Second Degree, arrest is not mandatory. The victim may ask that an arrest not be made. The officers may not ask whether the victim wants the suspect arrested. While arrest is not mandatory, it is not prohibited. It is discretionary.


Brendan Lyons over at the Times Union was the first person to unveil the 911 tape. The Record and Jim Franco, over at Talk  1300, pounced on the story. Franco, over at his blog, did some sleuthing and discovered that two Troy Police Officers, Sgt.'s Colaneri and Millington has access to the recording. He also notes that both investigate Domestic Violence matters. He notes that Millington has a family relationship with Deputy Mayor Pete Ryan. Finally, he notes that Millington signed a document that prohibits unauthorized disclosure of the 911 calls contents.

Franco is clearly implying that one or both officers were involved in releasing the tape. Or, he wants to manufacture that controversy.  He doesn't say it but we're all adults here and know what's going. Interestingly, Franco did not believe that initial story, a domestic disturbance call to a Republican politician's home, was worthy of mention at T-Spin. Odd, given the nature of some of his other posts and old Talespin stories. Rumors never seemed off limits, let alone actual news.

So, does Franco owe the officers an apology? He has, through implication, cast them as the wrongdoers. Is that what a journalist does? What we need a journalist to do is discuss the 911 system, how it works, where calls go, how they are preserved, who has access and what, if any laws, are implicated. That would help the citizens understand the process. Slinging mud, albeit by implication, seems unworthy of the journalism label.


As a supporter of Jim Gordon, what did Chief of Police Tedesco know and when did he know it?

How did police arrive at the determination that no arrest would be made and who was involved in that determination?

Who would have access to the 911 tape, both at the police station and the County?

How do we get a CD copy and will it have special features and a director's commentary?

Thursday, October 22, 2015


One day after the release of the explosive 911 recording of a mayoral candidate's wife, the  political scene is still reeling, leading to a possible tectonic shift in the electoral outcome. We will be bringing you 'round the clock coverage, complete with interviews, stories, appetizers and demonstrations.*

A bit over-the-top? Yes, but according to Talk 1300's own James Franco, the 911 tape was 'explosive.' We're all for hyperbole ( as well as exaggeration and embellishment) but explosive?

Really? Was any innocent bystander actually injured by the shrapnel from this explosion? Raise your hand if the content of the recording surprised you. We can't see you so put your hand down. Of course it wasn't explosive because no one was shocked by the content. Did anyone actually believe the husband's version of events?

JFranc has also determined which Troy Police Officer requested a copy of the tape and which of his colleague's picked-up a copy of the tape. According to documents gathered by Jimmy F, Sgt. Tim Colaneri requested a copy of the tape on July 20. The tape  was picked up by Sgt. Mark Millington a day later. Millington is active in the Police Benevolent Association and his daughter is married to (SMOKING GUN COMING UP) Deputy Mayor Pete Ryan’s son, Pat.

Why would Colaneri and/or Millington, officers experienced in domestic violence investigations,  want a copy of the audio of a woman held down against her will? Maybe so they could investigate a crime? The real question is why Gordon was not arrested. Not saying he should have been, we just want to hear why there was no arrest. Gordon's actions fit neatly into the elements of Unlawful Imprisonment. Was Gordon given special treatment? We do know that Chief of Police (hereinafter Chief of Police) John Tedesco is a Gordon booster. Tedesco has been out of the GOP closet for years now and has supported Gordon financially.

Could one of the above officers be the 911 tape leakers? Sure they could. And if so they should immediately be put on a course of antibiotics. For now, there is no proof  that Colaneri or Millington did anything wrong. Why couldn't the material given to Lyons have come from the County? This is perfect for a Troy City Council Investigation. Come on Rodney. Snap to it.

This post has been brought to you by October:


The other news is the Mayoral Debate sponsored by Time Warner Cable. Not held before a live audience. You can watch the debate here. Or go get a root canal. Your pick. We watched a few clips but can't stomach too much of this stuff. Initial reaction on style:

1. Madden could put caffeine to sleep;

2. Wiltshire, when able to ask a question, once again made it about himself, not the voters;

3. Is Gordon auditioning for a hostage video? We believe he blinked S.O.S. throughout the debate.

If you had the courage to watch the whole thing, give us your thoughts.

This post has been brought to you by October:

* No women were harmed or mishandled in the making of this post

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


It is now time to take down our 911 Countdown Clock. With just two weeks to go the citizens of Troy now have access to the Gordon 911 call. If you recall, on July 16, 2015, Troy Police responded to a 911 call from the home of GOP mayoral candidate and District 1 Councilman Jim Gordon. The call was placed by the councilman's wife. Police responded and no arrests were made.

Gordon's response one day after the event was: "It was just an argument," said Gordon, a council member who represents the 1st District on the City Council. "It wasn't anything serious," Gordon said. Gordon said his wife called police, then regretted it. She could not be reached."

A copy of the recording can be heard here, in the Brendan Lyons story. We will leave it to the readers to decide if the recording comports with Mr. Gordon's version of events and what, if any, relevance it has for someone that seeks elective office. We asked Mr. Gordon to consent to the release of the tape. We felt that was the only way it would ever be heard. Unfortunately, Mr. Gordon did not seek to have the tape released. Someone took matters into their own hands.

This afternoon, the Gordon's met with District Attorney Joel Abelove. He referred them to the Sheriff's Office who, in turn, sent them to the Troy Police Department.


There are a number of questions that come to mind after reading the various articles. First, should Gordon have been charged with a crime? Specifically, Penal Law 135.05: Unlawful Imprisonment in the 2nd Degree.

1. The  defendant restricted victim's movements in such manner as to interfere
substantially with his/ her liberty by moving him/ her from one place to another, or by confining him/her either in the place where the restriction commenced or in a place to which he/she had been moved;

2.  That the defendant did so with out consent  of the victim;

3.  That the defendant did so intentionally; and

4.  That the restriction of  movements was unlawful, and the defendant knew that the restriction
was unlawful.

A violation of this statute is a misdemeanor.

Just saying. Perhaps there is enough there for a charge.


The audio of the 911 call. Does it looks as if someone used the video feature of their phone with the phone placed up against a speaker to capture the audio? Just our surmise.

Third, when asked if there was any orders of protection filed, Mrs. Gordon replied, "Not at this time." Odd choice of words, that.

Where was the original recording? At the County? With the TPD? Did the Troy Police have a copy? Is it more likely that a county worker accessed the recording or a Troy police officer?

Why is Abelove sending the Gordon's to the Sheriff's Department and not the Troy Police? Telling, no?


Times Union reporter Brendan Lyons says he received the audio from a "democratic operative." Lyons is not revealing his source. However, lets use a hypothetical. Let us say a "democratic operative", we'll call him - lets see - we'll call him 'Tom', is sent the 911 recording. 'Tom' forwards the recording to Lyons. Has a crime been committed?

Possibly. The individual accessing the recording might be subject to Penal Law 156.05, Unauthorized Use of a Computer. The elements of that misdemeanor are as follows:

1. The defendant used, caused to be used, or accessed a computer, computer service, or
computer network without authorization; [and]

2. That the defendant did so knowingly; [and]
Add if applicable:

3. That the defendant did not have reasonable grounds to believe  that he/she had authorization to use the computer.

It sure seems like the person that sent the recording to 'Tom" might have some worries. But, does 'Tom" have any worries?

Has 'Tom' committed a crime? The only possible crime is Penal Law (love saying that) 156.35, also known as Criminal Possession of Computer Related Material.

The elements of this Felony are:

1. The  defendant having  no right  to do  so,  knowingly  possessed  in  any  form,  any  copy,
reproduction  or  duplicate  of  any  computer  data  or computer program which was copied, reproduced or duplicated in violation of law; and

2. That  the  defendant  did  so  with  intent  to  benefit himself/herself  or  a  person  other  than  an  owner thereof.

Damn, that sounds bad. Anybody find the problem? Well, what is possessed has to deprive the owner of a value or economic benefit in excess of $2,500 or, that which appropriated must be used to further a crime. If the 'benefit' portion of the crime was removed then technically, everyone who downloaded the recording would be violating the law. Including Brendan Lyons and the Times Union and anyone who posts the recording on facebook.


1. Was this fair game?

2. What, if any, impact will it have on the race?

3. Should we create another 911 Commission to study what happened and how to prevent it from happening in the future?

4. Was it a good move on Gordon's part to respond or should they have let the story alone?

Have at it!

*The law cited by the County, County Law 308(4), is not applicable to this situation. That law allows the County to withhold certain information when a FOIL request is made and can form the basis of an Article 78 petition if the requesting party believe the municipality violates FOIL.

Monday, October 19, 2015



District 4 is the Manhattan of Troy. The Cilias in Troy's economic erection. This is the district with  the shops, the Farmer's Market, a cup of coffee on every corner and one in the middle. Here you'll find the events that attract people to Troy: the Pigout, Chowderfest, Troy Night Out and Pig Fest. Maybe it's more like Brooklyn, without the skinny jeans.

Geography: Urban and commercial, with just a small dollop of the suburban, on the side.

Past Electoral History:


B. Dunne - D 379
N. Helper - R 149


B. Doherty - D 348
D. Lockrow - R 245


Doherty - D 332
D. Lockrow - 240

D - 1020
R - 276
C - 82
W - 64
I - 117
Blank - 580

The most reliable Democratic district, even without fraud, the Republicans are not even running a candidate in District 4. Well, maybe. The Wadocrats did run a candidate in the primary. Barbara Jones Higbee ran her primary campaign like it was 1999. It showed in the results.


Bob Doherty -D

Known as BDo,  Doherty is running for his third term. By now, we know that Bob has some issues. He is a very kind man but also over-educated. One of those smart people who are paralyzed when faced with two choices, neither of which can guarantee completely positive results. He shares this trait with fellow councilman Ken Zalewski. They are handwringers, sensitive to micro-aggressions, and afraid to commit to a course of action. This is a particularly Democratic affliction, being afraid to make a mistake, thereby committing mistakes. There is, of course, the Republican affliction: the inability to conceive they have made a mistake. Doherty went to bat for Kokopellis. 'Nuff said.

Joseph Navarra - R*

Probably the worst candidate and person to ever run for office in Troy. Nah! Just kidding. We're sure he's a good guy. No, we aren't. We will assume he is, though. We just can't find anything about Mr. Navarra. He has a facebook page but we saw nothing political. Has he dropped out? Is he not actively campaigning? We haven't even seen one lawn sign (unless McGrath took them down). We just don't know the status of his candidacy. Perhaps he volunteered his name but isn't inclined to campaign.

Collin Fox Thomas - G

We hate this guy, with  a blazing passion. Can't help it. It's the fucking name - Collin Fox Thomas. Look, he's probably a great guy. Nicest guy in the world. He probably swings by the shelter to feed rescue dogs before he spends his afternoon with homeless vets and one-legged kids in wheelchairs. So, we know it's shallow, but its the name. It reminds us of one of the those late '80's early '90's child stars on a  family sitcom. You know, the precocious younger child who's really cute and smart and outsmarts his older siblings and his parents. But,  by the time he's 19, he's no longer cute and the fact that he can't act now matters. Then, he wraps his expensive European sports car around a telephone pole, crippling his girlfriend and then he's off to celebrity rehab and possibly a reality television show. Sorry, just had to get that off our chests. Thanks for listening. Sorry Collin.

*An actual photograph of Mr. Navarra. Don't say anything. He's self-conscious about it.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


The first budget hearing to discuss the proposed 9.3% tax increase was held last Thursday evening, October 15. This story got kicked down the road due to the earth-shattering 'push poll' scandal that rocked Troy last week.

What did our Council have to say?

Councilman Doherty (D-4) and Council President Wiltshire (D) both acknowledged that the Council must work together to help the citizens and their political careers.

Mayoral candidate Jim Gordon (R-1) passed-the-buck and "blamed Rosamilia's administration for not dealing with the city's distressed financial situation when the state issued its warnings a year ago."

While the Mayor has to shoulder much of the blame, this is not a time for the standard answer used by 5 year-olds the world over: "He did it, not me." That is not leadership. Good leadership is like a good detergent, you can use the gentle cycle but you have to be able to tackle those tough stains. Where was Gordon for the past year. He knew about the tax hike.

Last year, during budget time, the Council requested that the Mayor slash each department by 3%. The purpose of those cuts was to find savings to mitigate a $1.8 million shortfall the city will face in 2016, as a result of deferring pension payments in the 2015 proposed budget. Gordon's response to the cuts:“At this point in time in the city, to entertain any of the reductions that were stated in both the police and fire departments for a 3 percent rollback… would be asinine." Gordon did not offer an alternative and voted for the budget.

No need for dismay, however. You can find Gordon's economic plan right here.

Councilman Doherty also said something telling (yes, we know, but it's still true). "We are going to have to reach out and work across party lines." What party lines, Councilman? Last we checked, the Council had a 7-2 Democratic majority. Of course, Bodnar (R-3) and Gordon (R-1) should have input on any potential solution but what exactly did Doherty mean? We think he meant Democrats working with Democrats. That is, the WFP faction working with Democrats. Sad, really. There is one reason for this factional split: the ambition and ego of Council President Rodney Wiltshire. So, there's two reasons, really.

Now, what to do? The City needs more revenue but taxes can only be raised just so high. The best proposal we heard was a City of Troy Gift Shop. The prices might be high but purchases are voluntary. This idea has gained steam and we can give you a sneak peak at some of the merchandize that may be offered to residents and tourists alike.