The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, August 31, 2015


Next Question:

How do you plan on continuing and growing the downtown Renaissance?

Madden: Replace the Uncle Sam statue with a giant statue of Copernicus.

Wiltshire: Hold hearings on who erected the giant statue of Copernicus and how to prevent it in the future.

Gordon: Who is Copernicus?

Cox: Make everyone wear pantaloons!

Everett: Who took my pantaloons?

In half seriousness, a synopsis:

Jack B Cox, Jr
The first thing I will do is to make Troy a more business friendly environment. Many wonderful projects have been lost due to inappropriate political and personal behavior in our planning and zoning departments.* As a student of Civil Engineering,** land development is my passion. If there is one department I will be extremely hands on with when elected, it will be planning and zoning department.

Jim Gordon
The rebirth of our downtown is at a point of being, for the most part, self staining,*** but does require support and nurturing of the government.

Rodney Wiltshire
Working with the BID and truly partnering with them for both marketing and services. We need to encourage more local entrepreneurship as well as seeking outside interest.****

Ernest Everett
I feel what's happening downtown is fantastic in many ways but we could always be better. There are a few high-crime spots that deter growth in certain sections... and I feel a safer downtown will bring in even more business. Creating a lasting and useful riverfront is also a priority as we would attract new businesses and residents who in turn, invest in our city. I'd also like to partner with the BID to use them as an example for both South Troy and Lansingburgh to foster economic growth in ALL of Troy, not just downtown.*****

Patrick Madden
The downtown renaissance is stunning. I think we are all thrilled and amazed. A resilient, vibrant and diverse downtown core is a prerequisite of any great City. This is an important and significant accomplishment. Despite the momentum, however, the City still has an important role in the continued development of the downtown. Several crucial tasks remain, including:
Development of 1 Monument Square. This is a vital location sitting on the riverfront in the heart of the downtown. Whereas a few years ago we may have been desperate to get any reasonable development on the site I think this is no longer the case. The interest in our downtown gives us the luxury of taking our time to get it right as opposed to getting it fast.****** The City should ensure that any proposed project aligns with our architecture, our desired access to the riverfront and the growing vibrancy of the neighborhood.

* Cox refers, of course, to the infamous Zoning Board purple nurple debacle.

** Is Cox an engineer or just a student of engineering?

*** Self staining but not self-cleaning

**** Outside interest includes but is not limited to stamp collecting, curling and Jarts.

***** How come I don't get an asterisk?

****** Pay attention ladies, Madden respects  foreplay.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


OK, settle down kids and take out your number 2 pencils

Here's the first part of our multi-part series were we examine how the mayoral hopefuls answer questions posed by citizens.

Troy mayoral candidates recently responded (in writing) to questions submitted by the voters. What a novel concept. The Times Union has the goods.

Question#1 - How to stop burned-out, building blight and random acts of alliteration.

Madden gets points for substance. You can tell the guy knows this end of things. How? Our eyes started to glaze over by paragraph 17. He does speak in specifics and in this type of forum, that is fine. We hope he can distill these thoughts into a more concise statement for actual debates. GRADE: A (as a sedative, A+).

Everett's answer had promise but he jumped straight to 'allocating' more money. That money has to come from somewhere. Does it come from the existing budget or from a tax hike? GRADE: B

Like Everett, Gordon's answer has promise but misses some key issues. The city has 20,000 properties that need to be inspected. How many code officers are there? Four? How many can read? The other issue is investment properties that have fallen into disrepair. Many are owned by LLC's etc. They can ignore delinquencies, bills, penalties and just declare bankruptcy. No single person or persons are responsible for the property. Still, it shows promise. GRADE: B

Rodney failed on this one. We are disappointed and expected more from him on such an important topic for this city. More details Rodney. GRADE: F (or an incomplete, but we will mark him down one letter grade for each day he is late).

Jack Cox had some intriguing ideas as well, although there could be legal hurdles in the idea of aiding neighbors in tearing down adjoining properties. GRADE: B

We applaud all the passing grade candidates for at least adding to the conversation. Wiltshire needs to step-up his game. He has a very real chance to wrest the nomination from the Democratic establishment. If he can do that, we think it could be a blow-out in November. We need more than two-sentence answers from a man that has a real chance of being mayor. Rodney has a reputation for being lazy and these answers, or lack thereof, reinforce that reputation. We want to hear what he has to say or know that he has something to say.

Question#2 - Improving Regional Transit in the City

This was an unfortunate question* as seen by the answers. Are we talking about ease of travel in the city or making travel from and to Troy, easier?

Madden spent way too much time explaining why the question was poorly phrased. GRADE: C

Cox had the same problem but actually answered the question and it made sense. GRADE B+

Gordon referred the reader to another of his answers which we didn't bother to look at. We won't grade him. We don't want him angry.

Wiltshire. Another haiku answer but an answer. Damn, man. More substance and don't speak in acronyms and if you do, explain it. REDC? Not everyone is going to know REDC. GRADE C-.

Everett. Uh, bike lanes in our major corridors? That sounds dirty. Anywho, maybe. Some day. Right now, an emphasis on improving road quality and making Troy a parking-friendly city would be more useful. Bikers are a pain-in-the-ass for commuters. Especially in Troy, with it's many narrow, one-way streets (and their stupid shorts and shirts and goofy helmets, god we hate those mother....sorry, pause for a station break). GRADE B.

There's not much vision here.** Perhaps that's the nature of the question or perhaps it reflects the candidates. Years ago, and we're fuzzy on the details, John Hedley proposed a high-speed rail between downtown Troy and Albany. It was to run on a track adjacent to the banks of the Hudson (ie. over the water) so very little land would be needed. Imagine, two or three stops in Troy and then right to downtown Albany. Yes, there are many issues. The State and the Feds would need to be involved and it would be a longshot. But it is the type of big idea were are missing in today's politics. Plus, it would be way cool.

We will do part II soon, if we can keep our eyes open.

*Regarding poorly phrased and/or stupid questions: In the future, the candidate that answers such a questions- Shut the fuck up, that's stupid - gets our valued endorsement.

** Not one candidate mentioned George Jetson-like flying cars! Really?

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Harry just doesn't get it. He's still posting his inane tweets. Jesus Christ! It's like trying to deal with Fredo.

                                                         "I'm smart! I can do things!"

Lets talk about spikes in crime. Remember this oldie but goodie. Yes, crime rates wax and wane. Why is the former mayor fanning the flames? Does he want someone else to get hurt? We guess he just can't play the elder statesman.

Why have we decided to dedicate some posts to our old pal? He is having problems letting go. Unlike former Mayor Pattison, Harry can't let things go. He wants desperately to be relevant. The faded, garish Tutunjian sign still sits on Hoosick Street, just over the town line, the ghost of Harry's glory days, He has to insert himself into the dialogue and, based upon our Gordon campaign informant, is trying to turn GOP mayoral candidate Jim Gordon into a Tut-Bot. In the small, dark hours, Harry dreams sweetly of a third term. This is not healthy. Harry, help us help you. Help us, help you.

As for the Tutunjian Administration's support of the Troy Police, remember the Brian Owens story*? No? You can find it here and here. Cop overseas, fighting for his country: Fuck 'em.

*Not to be confused with the Brian Piccolo Story.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Two Troy Police Officers were shot. The shooter was killed by the police. One hundred percent of the objective evidence establishes that the killing was justified. If something comes out that contradicts that, so be it. We wouldn't hold our breath, though. Lets face it, the Troy Police Department isn't perfect. No force is perfect. However, compared to other local departments, they have been able to avoid major scandals and do not have a reputation for racial bias, unless one believes shooting an African-American who is shooting at them is racially biased.

The outpouring of support for the two officers, and the police, has been overwhelming. As well it should. This might remind a few people who bitch and moan about overtime or contracts that policing is a dangerous job.

On the other hand, a handful of people, have raised questions about the shooting. Their questions are not based on any facts or evidence, but are more like knee-jerk reactions. Family and friends of the dead man are angry and sad. That's understandable. They weren't present and they did not do anything wrong. It's natural to morn for a friend or family member. It's useless to criticize them for doing so. Human nature is human nature.

Events like this have a way of getting out of hand. The spark could be anything, even some tiny event that normally would be beneath notice. We need cool, calm leaders and we need to let the anti-police voices (no matter how unjustified) vent for a while, and not engage in a petty back-and-forth.

Someone sent us a link to Ben Brucato's Twitter page. We don't know Mr. Brucato. We wouldn't invite him over for cocktails. He has a right to voice his opinion and we have a right to disagree. But why engage with him and the few like him? Why Tweet and re-tweet this nonsense? Why give him more attention? A human being is dead. Two police officers could very easily have been killed. Some reduce all of this to tweets? Is that what we've come to.

Based on Mr. Brucato's tweets* we don't expect much in the way of rational thought. We do expect more from a former Mayor.

This is what the former Mayor of Troy is reduced to? What about you Harry? Will you be holding a rally to oppose violence against our Troy Police Officers? How will you address this matter? Is the extent of his support a tweet? And yes, he has a few more in there that are petty, silly and do nothing more than call attention to a few jackasses.

And who can forget Harry's war on the Troy Police, whether it was the O'Neil - Centanni fiasco (remember how that turned out?), the Fitzgerald cluster$&*k (how much did that cost us?), and Harry trying to take credit for John Comitale's good police work. There are other stories as well. Harry may talk a good game but his actions, when it counted, speak louder.

You may say, 'Harry hasn't been mayor for four years.' And you'd be right. But as long as he pokes his head up and comments on these things, we'll bitch-slap him. For old time sake.

* Yes, we're guilty of re-posting a few. We're never above hypocrisy.

Monday, August 24, 2015


No one should play politics with the recent shooting of two of Troy's finest. That won't stop them though. The Troy Polloi has long been a supporter of the rank-and-file officers, arguing that the residency requirement was ridiculous as well as defending them against the tyranny of the previous administration and the behavior of their chief. We won't stop now.

We are not going to say that the rise in shootings is anyone's fault or that one candidate would magically bring everything under control. Why? Because that's bullshit. Spikes in crime have little to do with who is or isn't in office. There were spikes under Tutunjian and there is a spike under Lou. It happens.

What we will point out is the transparent hypocrisy events reveal about candidates.

This started back in 2014, when the police were called to a little club called Kokopellis. Before the dust cleared, Rodney Wilshire and 4th District Councilman Bob Doherty were all but blaming the police and accusing them of racism and civil rights violations. This, based on selective videos rushed to the press. Doherty even threatened to aid the owners when they went in front of the State Liquor Authority to defend their liquor license.

And now...

There are cases of police brutality and excessive force. It happens. The police and police agencies are not perfect (remember the BCI scandal years ago?). Jumping to defend the Kokopellis crowd shows disrespect for actual cases of civil rights violations. It also makes the recent outpouring of support from members of Team Troy appear less than authentic.

Wiltshire and Doherty were not there when the police needed their support. Now, with the overwhelming support for the TPD on this incident (they just happened to profile a man that not only had a gun but used it?) they don't need your support. Stop embarrassing yourselves.

We believe Doherty is sincere, merely misguided. Wiltshire on the other hand is proving to be a professional at capitalizing on anything that puts his face or his quotes in the papers.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


We have found common cause with Jim Gordon.

Last Wednesday, District 1 Councilman Jim Gordon had some issues. He e-mailed Council President Wiltshire:


Today is
Wednesday. I have yet to receive my packet from last Friday.
In addition to my agenda it also included several pieces of
mail that I needed for meetings yesterday and today.              

I stopped at clerks office Monday morning
and they told me it was just mailed because Adam gets to
pick and choose who he delivers to. Apparently I am not on
that list. Apparently Rhonda delivers Deans packet.

What is going on? I am not too happy or
appreciative of this method of conducting business. I have
been embarrassed twice this week because I haven't been
as prepared as I need to be due to failure by a certain
council employee.

What has Adam been working on these days
that prevents the simple act of delivering my packet as we
were guaranteed would be done?

Councilman, Dist.1
That is a perfectly reasonable request. A council member needs information in order to represent their constituents.

Adam did respond:

On Aug 19,
2015, at 12:06 PM, Adam.Sanzone <>

I am sorry for this to occur. Last
Friday I didn't have the car and had to be somewhere at
a later time and because the packets are sometime ready late
in the afternoon, it's hard with timing. So, with my
bike, I delivered the packets to members in South Troy -
Eastside since there's a direct route to my house. Some
Friday's can be difficult. 
If I knew it would have taken this
long for the packets to be delivered via mail I would have
delivered them Monday when I was able again. Very sorry

Adam J.
Assistant Office of the Troy City
Council___________________________Troy City
Hall433 River Street, Suite
5001Troy, New York
He followed-up after Sullivan-Teta said she had not received her packet either with:

On Aug 19, 2015 12:08 PM,
"Adam.Sanzone" <>
Lastly, I would like to
apologies for not informing everyone who the packets were
mailed to of this. I lost track of time and never thought
the packets would not be deceived by now.

Adam J.
Assistant Office of the Troy City
Council___________________________Troy City
Hall433 River Street, Suite
5001Troy, New York


On Aug 19, 2015, at 12:29 PM, Rodney Wiltshire <> wrote:
Everyone, I'm going to leave my Friday afternoon - evenings completely available now for packet days so everyone will receive theirs. I will also deliver on weekends, if that is the case, but this inconvenience should not have happened. 

Sorry again. 

Adam J. Sanzone
Legislative Assistant to the Troy City Council
On behalf of Rodney Wiltshire, JR. 
President of the Troy City Council
Gordon responds by pointing out that Sanzone is addressing council business and using his legislative title from a Wiltshire campaign e-mail account. Again, a perfectly reasonable observation.

Now, we don't know Adam Sanzone from, well, from Adam. Nor do we believe this is a major issue in and of itself. Sanzone* should perform his legislative duties and keep them separate from his Team Troy endeavors. However, this is a second example of the Wiltshire Campaign flouting laws and rules. His people have repeatedly placed signs on public property. Now, a person who owes his job to Wiltshire and is part of Team Troy is not giving the GOP mayoral candidate legislative packets in a timely manner. He also stiffed Sullivan-Teta, a Wade supporter.

We are not blaming Wiltshire for these specific transgressions. He does need to manage his people and in that he seems to be failing. Further, we have dealt in the past with administrations that misuse public time and resources for campaign reasons. We don't need that again.

* Adam Sanzone is the brother of Record reporter Danielle Sanzone, a fact that we have not seen her disclose in any campaign reporting. If we missed such a disclosure, our apologies.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Following the shooting at Old Sixth and Hutton Street, an angry crowd gathered at Samaritan Hospital. Torches were lit and pitchforks were at the ready. The police were called, it was a scene. Troy Chief of Police John Tedesco called for an investigation and has apparently come to the conclusion that is to blame? Why else would a local news director be getting a Teddy-Gram?

This is so Teddy (he of  "The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves" fame)*. News Flash, Teddy: the media covers news stories. A shooting and a murder is news. It may not make your job any easier but that's not the media's job.

The media even seeks interviews when doing so might be dangerous. Reporters have, yes Teddy, died, covering news stories, wars etc. To blame the media, who deny instigating anything, is a cheap move. It was a charged situation, no doubt. If the media backed off every charged situation and refused to cover controversial situations we would have...The Record.

What did leak was the fact that the 14 year-old survivor was taken to Albany Medical Center Hospital. We'd look in to that issue. How is it that the public is told where a 14 year-old is taken for treatment. A fourteen year-old that many blame for the murder. Given the charged atmosphere, could it have been possible that someone might stroll in to AMCH to look for the young man? Not saying it was Teddy's fault. We're just saying it might be more beneficial to formulate a policy to avoid this in the future.

Meanwhile, the three candidates for the Democratic nomination for Troy Mayor attended an anti-violence rally. Naturally, Republican nominee Jim Gordon wasn't there.

* Remember the good-old days when Teddy wanted to implement a policy that would mandate female officers tell him when they became pregnant? We know there was a draft version somewhere but cooler heads prevailed and the policy  never materialized.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Q & A

Troy's mayoral hopefuls will meet tomorrow night to answer questions posed by the voters. The meeting will be at the YMCA or YWCA, we forget which and are too lazy to look it up.

We do have some questions we think should be answered. We don't need them all answered, just a few. Please.

1. What will you do to reunite North and South Troy? Would you lift the sanctions on North Troy?

2. Would you build a wall to keep people from North Greenbush from crossing the city line?

3. How would you reduce the chances of shark attacks in the Hudson River?

4. Does the Menands Bridge go from Troy to Menands or Menands to Troy? Show your work.

5. Daphne or Josie?

6. Do you have any long-term plans to address Troy's ancient, failing infrastructure?

7. Can you fix my parking tickets?

8. How will you work with a Council that may be politically hostile?

9. Would you move the Atrium three feet to the west, to create more room on the 4th Street sidewalk?

10. Would you send troops to Cohoes to protect our vital interests?

We sincerely hope that the candidates get relevant questions and not too many nonsense questions. We hope they are cordial and we hope no verbal arguments arise. Someone might call the police.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


...Mark McGrath will be there!

The Mark McGrath sign rage story is low-hanging fruit. It still tastes sweet. The former and would-be-again District 2 Councilman was fed up with illegally placed political signs. So much so that he took the law into his own hands. McGrath said he had every right to take the Wiltshire sign down. Which, of course, is not true. McGrath actually had no right to take the sign down. Still, one can understand the seething rage engendered by such brazen flaunting of the law. What's next? Gangs? Shootings?

McGrath isn't wrong about the Wiltshire campaign, however. We do see signs on public property and the vast majority of them are Wiltshire signs. Strange, though, that this is what stirs McGrath's inner Batman.

For instance, back in the day, McGrath was oddly silent when Mayor Tutunjian used Troy Code Enforcement to punish people for criticizing his administration. The most notable incident involved Jim deSeve.  The Mayor of Troy, using government to punish dissent. Where was McGrath? No doubt keeping the land safe from signs.

Thankfully Mark will soon be back on the City Council. He'll have plenty of opportunity to showcase his trademark jack-assery.

See you at Thursday's debate.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Well, we told you when we last met, if Troy was ever in trouble, just send us a signal. You did and we have not forgotten our sacred pledge. More than ever, Troy needs sane, clear, brilliant political analysis which can't be done in fifty characters. 

Also, we'd like to thank a certain well-known facebook page that has linked to a few posts. Very kind of Mr. Cooper. We appreciate all of you for coming back. We have averaged about 550 unique visitors each day (each day bringing more and more of you back to the finest political blog the area has ever seen*). Not a bad start for being out of the game for so long. Frankly, we thought it would take longer.We're excited, but not in weird way. This is an unbelievable election year. We're as giddy as a bishop in a room full of alter boys.

So much has happened and we'll try to get to it all, schedules permitting .

Lou decided not to run for mayor, possibly the only decision he has actually made in four years.

There are three Democratic contenders for the mayoral nomination - each with their own strengths and weaknesses. If we could combine all three into one candidate, well that would look strange, but you get our meaning.

The Republicans have nominated District 1 Councilman Jim Gordon for mayor (you in the back, stop laughing).

If you believe the comments over at Jim Franco's T-Spin every City Hall employee will soon be arrested by the FBI or the EPA or the BBC...six months ago....three months ago...last week... FYI There will be no arrests.

Our new District Attorney has nearly tripped over himself in his eagerness to show how quickly he can become ethically challenged (and lose half the staff he hired, in record time).

All that and a council race!

This is good stuff. Too good to pass up.

We plan on posting two or three times a week, if it's OK with our probation officer and if we get our prescription refills. We'd appreciate that the comments not defame anyone. We had to enable comment approval. Opinions on issues and candidates are fine. Comments based on news articles, also fine. But, we will not sling unsubstantiated rumors that allege a political figure was arrested fifteen years ago, has a child out of wedlock, committed a crime...If it's contained in a newspaper article, that is one thing. If it's based on nothing more than a rumor, well, people in glass houses...

Finally, we will likely wrap this up after the election. But, you never know.

*Opinion of the authors

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Worse day for Joel.

While much of the recent news has focused on the forty-one count indictment of GOP County Legislator Martin Reid, we must not lose sight of our esteemed DA's ethical issues relative to his Republican colleagues.

                                            Rensselaer County - Republican Safe Haven

According to the story:

"The state Labor Department turned over copies of the judge's ruling, and other records in the case — including Reid's county time slips and his certifications to the state that he qualified for the benefits — to the Rensselaer County district attorney's office for review as a potential criminal case. District Attorney Joel Abelove, a Republican who took over as district attorney in January, declined to pursue the case and, earlier this year, denied his office received a referral from the state Labor Department."

Abelove stated that no referral was ever made. On the news this morning he was quoted as saying that his predecessor had the information and did not act.

However, in January Abelove said:

"We've been dealing with a lot more pressing issues," said Abelove, who recently hired one of Reid's relatives, Christine Labbate, as an assistant district attorney. Abelove declined to confirm how Reid is related to Labbate. But he added that Labbate has experience as a former prosecutor in Essex County and said his decision to hire her will not sway any case under review by his office, including Reid's."

Whatever. This guy is a train wreck.

Earlier in the year Abelove's office dropped charges against Rich Crist, a key player in getting any office seeker the GOP and conservative lines.  Crist, if we recall, was charged with endangering the welfare of a minor. The charge was deemed unfounded by Child Protective Services. It sounded like a dust-up between Crist and his teenage son. Another DA would have, more than likely, dismissed the charge.

Point is, these are softballs pitched right down the middle. Send the cases to another District Attorney. That's it. Easy. End of story.

Anyone who spoke to Abelove after his election but before he took office knows the District Attorney-elect voiced his enthusiasm for cracking down on welfare cheats. Oh, the hypocrisy. And before we get any idiotic comments, we do not, and would not, expect Abelove's office to prosecute these cases. We just expected him to do the right thing.

Instead, people having growing concerns about Abelove's conduct and we are barely 8 months into his term. We should have known. In a massively Republican election year, this guy barely squeaked into office.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


A public hearing on proposed changes to the Troy City Charter was held last night....Christ, we can't even fake interest. If you can't sleep, here's the latest proposed draft. The Times Union also has a summary of the proposed changes.

The biggest change, or lack thereof, is the power of the City Council to remove the Bingo Inspector from office. What ever happened to separation of powers? Furthermore, shouldn't the Bingo Inspector be elected? We have no idea what the current, appointed, inspector does but my bingo hasn't been inspected in three years.

Oh, right...reducing the number of council seats from nine to seven. There would be one at-large seat and the unfortunate that wins that race would be the Council President, entitled to two phone books for his/her chair. By 2019, the Council President's term would be four years.

Thoughts anyone? The four year term seems clumsy otherwise, does anyone care?

The Commission members are a pretty good, diverse group and we don't see anyone grinding any axes.

What the mainstream media won't report are the proposed changes ultimately rejected by the commission. Some of the proposal are controversial. Others shocking.

1. Reduce the number of council seat from 9 to seven but not the number of council members thereby forcing at least two members to stand through the entire meeting.

2. Surgically reduce the council members by 2-3 inches.

3. Increase public comment period to ten minutes but allow audience to throw sharpened projectiles at anyone who speaks for more than three minutes.

4. Each meeting to open with Lita Ford's Kiss Me Deadly.

5. Passed legislation does not become effective until Council President bangs gavel and says, 'Fuck Yeah.'

6. Council President to be chosen by line dancing competition.

7. Tequila Tuesday.

8. Appointed Officials to wear Swiss Guard uniforms.

If you have an opinion one way or the other, let us know. Admit it though, number 5 would be cool.

Monday, August 10, 2015


Shalom Aleichem, faithful readers.

Recently, a challenge to the petitions of mayoral hopeful Ernest Everett was kicked out of court. The Judge found the challenge, brought by former council candidate Russell Ziemba, untimely.

The political ménages à trois * that is the Democratic primary makes for interesting theorizing for both conspiracy fans and political watchers.

Council President Rodney Wiltshire is seen as an anti-establishment candidate. Patrick Madden is  seen  as the establishment candidate and Ernest Everett, another anti-establishment candidate. It could be that these are just three men who want to be mayor. Or, is Everett clandestinely working for the establishment (Democratic Chair Tom Wade) in order to split the anti-establishment vote, ensuring Madden wins the primary. Or is Everett  sincere (and we think he is) but with a candidacy that plays into the hands of the establishment's hope of a split in the anti-establishment vote?

It's not a stretch to believe Ziemba brought the challenge at Wiltshire's behest. Ziemba would likely be a supporter of Wiltshire.

There is also nothing wrong with Wiltshire trying to knock Everett off the ballot for any legitimate reason. Wiltshire is vying for a serious political position, not president of his neighborhood watch association or the local Elks Club. Legal challenges exist for a reason and there's nothing wrong with exercising those challenges.

Thing is, Wiltshire should tread carefully. The Wiltshire and Everett campaigns feel like insurgent campaigns, with dedicated supporters that will go out and vote for their candidate in a blinding hail storm. Madden, of course, appears to be relying on the more run-of-the-mill primary voter. Perhaps more numerous, but less dedicated. Do Everett supporters move to Wiltshire if they feel Everett got an unfair shake? That's not a guarantee. The more logical step would be for Everett to step aside and support Wiltshire this go. As for Everett? Perhaps a run for council next time around. He appears to be a promising young man with a future, if he plays this hand right.

* Who is the bread and who is the meat in this sandwich yet to be determined

Saturday, August 08, 2015


On Thursday, July 16, GOP mayoral candidate Jim Gordon met with the Troy Police. It wasn't a campaign visit though. Troy's finest were invited over by Mrs. Gordon. According to the story:

"The incident was called a "verbal argument" between Councilman Jim Gordon and his wife, by the responding officers, police said Friday."

The Republican candidate went on to say that "his wife called police and later regretted it?"

Setting aside this story, we at the Polloi have a few questions:

- How many times have you called the police during an argument with a spouse?

- Is a spouse somehow unbalanced or irrational if they phone the police unnecessarily?

- Does a spouse phone the police during the first verbal argument or does the spouse have some reference point from prior arguments and knows that police presence is required?

As for the story, Gordon used some rather unfortunate words: His wife phoned the police and later regretted it? How and in what manner did she regret the call?

Finally, the Times Union used an unfortunate photo to accompany the story.

Note: All females wearing sunglasses. Just sayin'