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Friday, January 26, 2007


A week has passed since the Tutunjian Regime announced it's decision to seek the termination of three Troy Detectives. Two troubling aspects of this decision have come to our attention and, more than likely, your attention as well.

Detective O'Neil's career is on the line. O'Neil has enjoyed a fine reputation as a detective. No one knows why her career has been placed in jeopardy. While acknowledging the confidential aspects of the Internal Investigation report, that does not stop us from speculation.

The very night the announcement was made, Bill Lambdin speculated that O'Neil was targeted for failing to come forward with her knowledge of Centanni's actions in a timely manner. Centanni, of course, is the Detective who alledgedly denied accused murderer Jason Jones his 5th Amendment Rights.

If that is the case, that O'Neil failed to act expeditiously, seeking her termination is grossly disproportionate to her failure. If O'Neil didn't move fast enough, it implies that Centanni did something wrong. Why the same punishment for the active wrongdoer and the one who sinned by procrastination? It hardly gives police officers that want to do the right thing incentive to step forward. This new Administration policy sends a chilling message to any public employee in the City of Troy: Don't come forward about any possible wrongdoing.

Or, is this merely a preemptive strike? Does the Administration want to bloody O'Neil's reputation so that her testimony will be characterized as sour grapes? And is that because the Administration knew of, and condoned, Centanni's alleged behavior?

The second thing we noticed was a what at first glance looked like a throw-away line in Mr. Franco's January 20, 2007 article:

Also in question is why the DA's office did not find out about the conflicting stories until seven months later.

Also in question? Who posed that question?

It would hardly be out of character for the "Buck Stops There" regime to try and pin the blame on someone else. We have our disagreements with the District Attorney, but blaming Ms. DeAngelis here is a stretch and unfair.

At last week's press conference, Mayor Tutunjian spoke eloquently about the need for police officers to be like Caesar's wife. Such sentiments would have been less ironic coming for those surrounding Tutunjian (Corporation Counsel Mitchell or Chief Kaiser). While a judge, Council President Henry Bauer also violated 5th & 6th Amendment Rights? Did the Administration seek his removal? In fact, Bauer received a vote of support from a majority of the City Council. After his removal, Bauer was hired by Tutunjian, then endorsed by Tutunjian and will be backed by Tutunjian if he, Bauer, runs for DA. The lesson? If you're a cop, you'll get fired, if you're a GOP politician, you'll get hired.

Will the media ask the Mayor about that hypocrisy before they trip over themselves rushing to endorse Tutunjian?

We think O'Neil will beat the rap and rightly so.

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