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Wednesday, January 10, 2007



When former Rensselaer County District Attorney Ken Bruno sought to lower the property assessment on his stately pleasure dome, he discovered the ugly truth about this region.

It's 2007. We thought this type of discrimination was behind us.

Unfortunately, Judge Hummel found one problem with Ken's petition:

"Petitioner has merely alleged discrimination, but has failed to support his conclusions with any evidence," Hummel wrote in his decision

The town assessor gave the court a detailed explanation for its decision, Hummel wrote, and Kenneth Bruno himself had valued the house when built as worth between $375,000 and $400,000.

Since the town assesses property at 10 percent of the full market value, Hummel ruled, Bruno-the-younger's assessment of $38,200 falls well within that range. The court noted that the rate was also a reduction from the original $41,000 assessment as a direct result of an initial complaint by Bruno.

How long will heterosexual white, male, former DA's and sons of prominent state politicians have to endure this type of discrimination? We demand a probe! Hand us that box of latex gloves.

We know Christmas can take a toll on your wallet. Please find it in your heart to give whatever you can to help Ken. A spoiled white boy is a terrible thing to waste.

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On an upnote for the Bruno clan, Our Joe won a brilliant victory, retaining his position as Senate Majority leader. The conference vote was unanimous, with Senator Bonacic abstaining. Bonacic was acting as a stalking horse for Long Island Senator Dean Skelos. If the report is true, that means even Skelos voted for Bruno. Bonacic may want to have a talk with his pal, Skelos.


With most of the real state movers and shakers hailing from downstate, it's good to see local Assemblyman Ron Canestrari moving into the Assembly Majority Leader position. Every bit helps.


Former Supreme Court Justice and former Deputy Corporation Counsel for the City of Troy, Tom Spargo will be making a special guest appearance* at Thursday nights council meeting in North Greenbush. Spargo will be appearing on behalf of an M. Carey (Mariah?). Carey alleges that the subdivision recently created by former Democratic Chair Dan Ashley is illegal. That's about all we know.

*This will be the first guest appearance at a North Greenbush meeting since the ill-fated Charro debacle in 1978.

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