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Monday, January 08, 2007



The results of our first poll are in and the people have spoken! It's a tie! Wayne Foy ran a tight race but always lagged behind Tito (pronounced Tee-Toe) Jackson and was eventually overtaken by Ape Men from the Future.

We asked you, "Who is responsible for Harry's incompetence?" You answered as follows:

Democrats - 11% (19)

Wayne Foy- 23% (42)

RJ Carignan - 3% (5)

CEO and/or Trip - 7% (12)

Ape Men from the future - 25% (45)

The CIA - 6% (11)

Tito Jackson - 25% (45)

The correct response, according to our panel, is:

Ape Men from the Future

In response to the poll, Mayor Tutunjian issued the following statement:

"I voted for Tito."


On Dec 15th 2006 North Greenbush Supervisor Mark Evers (Conservative) gave two checks totaling $82,300 to J.R. Casale. The checks were for payment on Water Dist. #14. Unfortunately, the payment was not approved by the Town Board. There's nothing wrong with Evers actions except.....It violates the law!

Evers made the payment the day after a town board meeting where the board specifically told him that they would not approve any additional payments to Casale Excavating. Evers got the checks by going into the town Comptroller’s office, directing that the checks be made out and then walking across the hall into the building Dept. and handing the checks to Casale.

Town Law, Section 118 requires that “prior to any payment for a claim, the Town Board must approve the particular itemized voucher.” Yes, the law even applies in North Greenbush.


Looks like some amateurs are getting into the act. Not content to leave the new medium in the hands of professional media people (like us), someone named Ed Dague is authoring In Medias Res. Ed's name rings a bell. We believe he may have been involved in television at one time.

Dague's blog may provide some interesting insight into the area's television media. Then again, it may not. We wish him well.


How many nights do you sit by the phone waiting for Mr. Right to call? You gave him your phone number, really put yourself out there: Why doesn't he call? The bastard's probably married.

Looks like area Democrats await The Call to Albany. Eliot has a lot of jobs to fill. Hang in there.

Many area Democrats did work hard for Spitzer. Was it out of principle or was it to share in the spoils? Hmmm.

Interestingly, according to our sources, there's also been not a few people hurrying down to the Rensselaer County Board of Elections to change their enrollment to Democrat. Should make things interesting as we move into an election year. The Troy GOP is already worried about losing the City Council. It's unlikely Marge will get their endorsement and Bauer wants another job. That could mean they need to scrounge-up three people to run At-Large, an expensive, time consuming race.

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