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Friday, January 19, 2007


Looks like we have to lay down some ground rules. Don't want to do it but it's probably for the best.

1. Make your comment relevant to the post. Even just a little bit relevant, by some stretch of the imagination. This is not your forum to discuss whatever you want to discuss, whenever you want to discuss it. If you want to set the agenda, start your own blog. That said, if there's a news item or something you want to bring to our attention or to the attention of the readers, fine. If the comment is merely a gratuitous attack, it is not fine. We try to fair and we have deleted personal attacks on politicians, whether Democrat or Republican.

2. If you want an open thread for open discussions, let us know.

3. Be responsible. If you plan on being irresponsible, find a designated driver.

4. We do not care if someone was arrested ten years ago, or who is sleeping with whom, or who is fat or who picks his nose, or who did drugs in the early 1980's etc. We're not the private morality police. If you think someone with a colorful past or someone with an imperfect private life can't be a good public servant, you're ignorant and know nothing of history.

5. These rules will not be strictly enforced. Still, try and abide by them. Violators will have their comments erased. Repeat offenders will be banned. This rule will be strictly enforced when accusations of criminal conduct are made.

6. If there's an issue, a rumor or a news tip, try e-mailing us.

7. Basically, don't be a dick. If you don't understand what we mean, than you're the dick.

These rules are the result of two or three people who just don't know where to draw the line or when to stop. They are obsessed with a topic (so much so that they are more disturbed than the object of their obsession) that bores everyone else.

The only other step is to moderate comments which means we'd have to review them before comments are posted. That would suck.

Thems the rules. Now, we have to go find our stripes for our new corporals uniform.

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