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Wednesday, January 17, 2007



Thanks to an alert reader, we finally read Sunday's Times Union story about Our Joe's trip to Florida. Joe, you old dog, you. While in Florida, J&J took a detour:

On the drive back from the golf course, the men pulled into Rachel's, a high-class strip club and steakhouse in the heart of West Palm Beach. There, patrons are greeted by overly polite valets who spend much of their time parking Range Rovers and customized BMWs driven by an almost exclusively male clientele.

Actually, it sounds quite classy:

Inside, $40 steaks and $90 bottles of wine are delivered by bow-tied waiters in a darkened four-star atmosphere. On two stages in the center of the club, female performers, some fully nude, move fluidly under pulsing strobe lights while tunes from rockers such as Tom Petty and Jimi Hendrix pierce the air.

Now, if they did that at The Joe, we might go more often.Seriously, we cannot condemn this behavior in strong enough terms. What, in God's name, is a 77 year-old man doing in a steakhouse?

And congratulatons to Brendan Lyons of The Times Union. We're less than a month into 2007 and Brendan wins our Reporter of the Year Award for writing an article about Joe Bruno that contains the phrase "moving fluidly under pulsing strobe lights."


According to the New York Times, (registration may be required) Ken Bruno is emerging as the central figure in the FBI probe.

As part of their investigation into the business dealings of Senator Bruno, federal authorities are examining a series of land deals involving Kenneth Bruno, who has emerged as a nexus between his father and a wealthy businessman, Jared E. Abbruzzese, whose financial ties to Senator Bruno are under scrutiny.


By now, everyone knows about the action-packed, high octane episode of McGrath & Tutunjian involving the YouTube video. Our crime-fighting mayor and his faith sidekick alerted police to possible criminal activity in the vicinity of the Community Grocery, on Sixth, in North Central. The dastardly villains were apprehended, the grocery closed down and truth, justice and the American way prevailed.

It's a great story. To bad it's not true.

The fact of the matter is, as any cop will tell you, no one was arrested for anything they did in that rap video. Secondly, the stakeout which busted the drug dealers while they were inside the grocery was scheduled prior to Harry receiving the video.

Officer John Comitale had been on to those arrested for some time and was working on bringing them down.

As far as we can tell, McGrath has not tried to take credit for anything. He's merely Harry's pawn in a concocted news event. It's sad to see Harry try and take credit for Comitale's fine work.

Just thought you should know.


Finally, for those of you who crave NG Updates:

Reports are sketchy but Linda Mandel-Clemente was back in court on January 5, this time in Schodack. As best we can tell, the Special Prosecutor sought to vacate the plea agreement (whereby Ms. Mandel-Clemente received an ACOD for lifting some town records). For background, go here.

Clemente has an outstanding lawsuit against the town which wasn't disclosed to the prosecutor in violation of the plea agreement. Clemente resigned from the Planning Board pursuant to the plea agreement but has not discontinued an action against the town which seeks to declare her appointment to the Planning Board valid.

Mandel-Clemente is now represented by Kevin Engel. Engel is an East Greenbush Town Justice. The hearing lasted for three hours. We don't know the outcome or when a decision will be announced. We do know that all Schodack Town Court records were inventoried and accounted for before Ms. Mandel-Clemente was allowed to leave court (just joking, Linda, you know we love 'ya).

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