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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


What the hell is going on in North Greenbush. It's like Linda Mantel-Clemente (the hyphen is silent) week in the local papers.

There's The Record, here and here;

The Times Union, here.

We guess we should chime in too. Why should we get left out of the fun? It makes Troy politics seem tame.

The press and the Democrats are apt to jump all over this. There's even talk about a probe. Now, we like a good probe as much as the next fella but enough is enough. In fact, we think it was very nice of Ms. Mandel-Clemente to pick up the place before the new people moved in. That's called courtesy. And it's damn classy.

Mandel-Clemente may or may not have called in to Paul Vandenburgh's show this morning. The caller identified herself as "Linda" and she knew an awful lot about this clean-up job. Vandenburgh noted that people began e-mailing him after the call, identifying the caller as Ms. Mandel-Clemente.

If it was Mandel-Clemente it was a bad showing. First, the caller said that the files were removed from the office for attorney-client privilege reasons? Yeah, we know. Stop laughing.

Second, the caller noted that some of the town's cases had been worked on by Ms. Mandel-Clemente pro bono (a latin phrase meaning "for the bono"). Since Linda gets a salary we have no idea where the pro bono idea comes from. Sounds a bit Mirchesque if you ask us.

Secondly, according to our legal panel, only the client can invoke or revoke the attorney-client privilege. Here, that would be the town, not the attorney. Told you it smelled funny.

Picture Pat Morphy or Dave Mitchell, having resigned their position weeks prior, walking into City Hall to take files. Can you picture that? Of course you can't.

Look out, here comes a probe.



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