The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Friday, January 27, 2006


Not much going on in Troy so we thought we'd take a spin through the area.


Reversed. New trial. Failed to disclose Brady material. This is getting old. Franco does a good job with this one. Note, DeAngelis did not hand the case over to Portin until ten days before trial. Also note, Trish tries to throw Ken under the bus. Not a bad place to throw him if you're going to throw him but disingenuous nonetheless.

Here's the TU story. Frankly, we thought it in poor taste to use 'vacates' and 'sodomy' in the same sentence.


The hell with Vegas, we're going to Schenectady on our next vacation. It's closer and it has a lot of fun, family things to do. There was also a gambling bust yesterday. What we can't understand is why people want to come down on this guy. What he does is in the privacy of his B&B. The City Council just screwed everyone with a pay hike for Mayor Stratton and that was in public. What will we tell the children?


We have our definition of victory and John has his definition. We like this part:

The judge said the lawsuit's "unspecified allegations regarding defendant's news coverage, ethics or employment practices are incoherent and superfluous."

If the unspecified allegations are so incoherent, how can the Judge determine they're superfluous? Can anyone take Aretakis seriously?

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