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Monday, January 09, 2006



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Republicans in Troy and the County took measures last week that will result is stifling debate and any criticisms of those bodies.

On the Troy side:

The Republicans proposed ending a system that allowed residents to speak for 10 minutes at the meeting's start on both agenda items and other city business. Instead, the GOP proposed two periods with 5-minute speaking limits: one forum at the meeting's start on agenda items only and a second at the end on other city business.

On the County side:

Kelleher interrupted the debate on the amendment, which would remove the requirement that those wishing to speak before the legislature must call the clerk before 2 p.m. on a meeting day and called a vote. The amendment was voted down along party lines, 13-6.

We're sure they have good reasons for both proposals. Sound, logical, economical reasons. They always do. Lets look at what is really going on here.

In Troy, Council meetings tend to run an hour and 1/2. So, if you want to comment on an agenda item, show up at 7:00PM. If, god forbid, you want to comment on something else, wait around for a few hours and they'll get to you. Who's going to do that? A few fun crackpots perhaps. But others work hard all day and want to see their families. Now they have to cool their heels and listen to the Council before they can speak.

The purpose is clear: they don't want criticism. That's it, end of story.

Bauer said:

"It gives the members of the public the opportunity to comment on the agenda, to watch us do our jobs and then comment again when we're done."

They get to watch you do your job? Whoop-dee-doo! Yes, very exciting to see you guys pass a resolution calling for July 5th to be "Lansingburgh Day." Better yet, figuring out how to issue appearance tickets for jay-walkers. Exciting stuff, that. Please, if it leaves committee, they're going to vote yes. No matter how many people comment on it before the vote.

Bauer's off to a rather bad start. Of course, he can't set bail on anyone anymore so his hands are tied. It's a disease with the GOP, from the President on down the line. They despise criticism and do not know how to handle it. Thus, they want it abolished.

Ironically, we saw the end result in play at the meeting. The camera was turned off before the end of the meeting and it took a Democrat to point that out.

In summary, making citizens watch these guys for two hours before being able to address their own representatives is cruel and unusual punishment.

As for the County, Democrats wanted to remove the requirement that anyone wishing to speak at the meeting must call the Clerk by 2:00PM. WTF? We're not sure how long that requirement has been in place but it's pure, unadulterated BS. Perhaps they'll lift the requirement for a few bucks. That's the only thing that seems to make them tick!

Listen up, Democrats, they just handed you more issues.

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