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Wednesday, January 25, 2006



Jim Franco has been beating the legislative pay raise like a drum the past few weeks and we think it's about time he stops. Really. Enough is enough, Jim....Damn! We thought we could get through this without laughing. Actually, we hope he beats the drum for the next four years. This time he takes the Democrats to task. Rightly so.

We finally figured out what bothers us about the pay raise, beyond the obvious. We'll tell you, it's the size of the raise. If they had some imagination and flare, they would have made the seats full time positions with a $45,000 salary. That's a crime we can all respect. A sort of political Brink's job. You'd have to admire the audacity of it all. Instead, we got a few cheap pickpockets grabbing our pocket change. Rather pathetic, don't you think? Selling your soul for $5,000.

We'd call them whores but we wouldn't want to disparage those that work for a living.


Friday's post got the attention of a few people, judging by our e-mail account. We're are not finished with the story, there is more and we are very close to discovering the identity of the person(s) who were involved. Stay tuned. It should be good sport.


Long for those great, old, pre-9/11 days when we were young and innocent? We love stories like this (shame on the Times Union and Record for not running with this). Nothing like a trip down memory lane.


The two most powerful Republicans in the state have big dreams but one thing stands in their way: Mary Donohue. According to sources, Pataki wants to leave Albany early and Uncle Joe salivates over the idea of being governor, even if just for a few months. What's blocking their dreams: what to do about Mary. We have learned that the plan is to get Mary on the Federal bench. The only problem is that such a maneuver is easier said than done. Securing a Federal Judgeship for Mary involves more than Pataki and Bruno, it involves Clinton, Schumer and President Bush. It would be a real coup if they could pull it off.

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