The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Saturday, December 31, 2005


Since it's the Holiday Season, we decided to get away from politics and give you a nice poem that symbolizes what the Season means to us.

A Poem, by Clement Clarke Moore*

'Twas the night before New Years
And all through the County
The legislators were huddled
Counting their bounty

The pay hike went through
Nigh, Christmas Eve
In the hopes that residents
Would never believe

While the voters all worried
As their taxes did rise
We just couldn't believe
It was quite a surprise

They had kept it real quiet
Would not confim or deny
Even Talespin was fooled
By the pigs in their sty

With the meeting near over
They called the last vote
With the chamber near empty
No one took note

Then what to our wondering
Eyes did appear
But a man at the podium
With a smile so dear

With a twinkle in his eye
He had brokered the deal
And with that bald head
It must be Saint Neil

More rapid than eagles
the votes they now came
He looked at the roll
And called them by name

Monahan and Mirch
O'Brien and Wright
They all voted yes
It was quite a great sight

Dedrick and Durkee said yes
VanDeusen did too
With Stammel and Swartz
Whom nobody knew

Herrington and Hammond
Bauer and Reid
All went along
Blessing the deed

Next, Salisbury and Walsh
Brearton, McHugh
With their snouts in our wallets
They made quite a crew

Finally Brownell
He was there too
They bent us right over
A real pretty view

Then Saint Neil turned around
And pulled out his list
Lets not forget Kathy
And good old Rich Crist

Excuses were found
When the press called for quotes
They weren't really good
Lets just hope that one floats

It's been seventeen years
Since we had such a treat
With our taxes so high
We can't make ends meet

They prayed for a miracle
As they sat down in Church
No three jobs for them
They can't all be Bob Mirch

Then we heard them exclaim
As they drove out of sight
Good government marches on
Just not tonight

* The Night Before New Years may be reprinted or performed in public with the permission of the author.

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