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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Posting may be limited throughout the Christmas season. We may limit to Tuesday and Thursday as opposed to M-W-F. All of you are quite disappointed, we're sure.

North Greenbush

Mr. Franco has a good piece on the North Greenbush Republicans desperate, last ditch effort to dole out patronage. On the other hand, they all do it. All parties make last minute appointments, even Founding Fathers such as John Adams.

It will be interesting to see what the NG Democrats do. We doubt they'll break the law like Tutunjian did in a similar situation. Instead, we predict they'll abide by the law and will not do anything childish, such as dissolve the Planning Board and then reconstitute the Planning Board.

Court Adjourned

The Times Union had a nice piece about retiring Supreme Court Justice James Canfield. Canfield could be cantankerous, but was respected by the attorneys that appeared before him. Overall, the Democrats have been well served by their choices for judges, especially at the Supreme Court level. Canfield leaves a good legacy as both a Judge and a District Attorney.

Perhaps DeAngelis might pay Canfield a visit and get a few tips on how to run an office.

State Politics

The Republicans continue to prove that at the state level they're about as organized and competent as the Marx Brothers. The leadership is strongly pushing for Jeanine Pirro to ditch her lethargic Senate Campaign and enter the race for Attorney General. Meanwhile, State Chairman Minarik is backing William Weld for Governor, much to the dismay of the conservative wing of the Republican Party.

Why are the conservatives so down on Weld? Because he's basically a Democrat.

People are missing the entire point of the Pirro Senate campaign. She doesn't expect to unseat Clinton. Hell, that's the last thing she wants. The race for Attorney General was a natural for Pirro, so why the Senate race, where she's a sure loser? We're glad you asked.

Pirro's race against Clinton (if it ever gets off the ground) will confer celebrity status upon the Westchester County District Attorney. That means book deals, interviews, high paying speaking engagements and eventually, a lucrative gig on Fox News. The looney-right will hold it's nose and make a Saint of the politically moderate Pirro for taking on Clinton. Don't fool yourself. Only an idiot thinks Pirro can beat Clinton and Pirro ain't no idiot. The race against Clinton is simply business. It's not personal.

Weed 'n Seed

We should have some interesting W & S information in the near future. The Feds are snooping around, asking for information from the County and they're not getting what they're asking for. Maybe that's why the Weed 'n Seed funding is now on hold.

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