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Thursday, December 22, 2005


Amazing, when things like this can happen in broad daylight.

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Artist's rendering of what the legislature did
to the County on Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Not only have our fine public servants given themselves a pay hike, they saw fit to bestow one on Jimino and whores like Crist. Crist will now be making $80,000. almost as much as Mayor Harry, just for running his mouth.

"Crist said a remark attributed to Chairman Neil J. Kelleher, a Republican, was taken out of context. A recent Record editorial observed that 80 percent of legislators' work simply follows inflexible state mandates. "That was in relation to fiscal issues only," Crist said. "He made that comment during a budget meeting. Good government marches on."

Good government marches on? Yes, right up our collective ass! Shameless public servants.

We did receive a response from Mr. Kelleher re: our inquiry.

Dear Democratus Santorum:

We cannot find a Democratus Santorum in our directory; if you choose to speak to the Legislature regarding this issue, please let me know your identity. Our usual practice is not to engage in conversation with anonymous people.Sincerely,


Translation: I'm voting for the pay raise. What politician wouldn't want to go on record opposing a greedy pay raise. So, we knew Kelleher was on board. Plus, we'd like to be added to his "directory."Also, we're not anonymous. We're an amalgam. Get it straight. These guys run the county and don't know the difference between anonymity and an amalgam?

However, as we are fair and balanced, the Troy Polloi was able to sit down and discuss the pay raise with to legislative leaders. Here's what we found out:

TP: Why was the pay hike resolution the last item of business?

Legislative leaders: Snort.

TP: Do you think a 33% increase is excessive in light of the fact you've raised taxes over 50% in the last four years?

LL: Snort...snort....squeal!

Needless to say, we didn't get far.

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Legislative leaders explain the pay raise

We'd say shame on all of you, but you're beyond shame.

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