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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Criminal Gets No Jail Time

Looks like the son of Congressman John Sweeny will serve no jail time. Can't wait to hear from the "tough on crime" crowd. We're sure they're just outraged. Is there anyone out there that doubts if Sweeny were black and poor he'd have done time? Hell, he'd have gone to jail in Troy for not have a horn on his bike.

The judge pulled no punches when sentencing young Sweeny. The Congressman's son has to write, "I will not kick people in the head and send them to the hospital unless they really, really deserve it," one hundred times.

Guardian Angels
Oops, almost forgot.

The TU did a story on Troy's Guardian Angels. The Troy Polloi supported bringing the Angels to Troy for a number of reason. First. they couldn't hurt. Secondly, we wanted to help the dying beret industry, which has suffered since the Lewinsky scandal.

We have doubts about the chapter flourishing in Troy but we tip our caps to those willing to try and for those who do more than talk.

Mayor Harry also has doubts about the need for the Angels, citing the fact that crime is down in Troy. Interestingly, crime is down and Troy has lost population (under 50,000 for the first time since the Buchanan Administration) but the Administration has seen fit to hire two more police officers. Don't get us wrong, we're all for more cops. But why, if crime and the city's population are both down?

Pay Raise

According to Talespin, the County Legislature will not vote themselves a healthy pay raise. Why? Christmas Spirit. Some Republicans don't want to play hardball with Sue Steele's job. Interesting? We suppose the fact that they don't deserve a pay raise never entered their minds.

We'll believe it when it's confirmed.

Festivus for the Rest of Us

Happy Festivus! We've dusted off the Festivus pole and are dedicating this post to The Airing of Grievances. The Feats of Strength will commence at a later date.

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Oops, almost forgot. Remember Joseph's House suit against the City? According to a source in the Corporation Counsel's Office, the City expects to lose that suit and is attempting some sort of settlement. Just giving all you guys in Little Italy a heads-up. The homeless need shelter but does a shelter for the chronically homeless really belong in that neighborhood?

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