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Thursday, December 01, 2005


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That's right. In Wednesday's Record, Mirch joined the chorus of whiners complaining about Durkee's defeat in District 5. Mirch (or someone literate) wrote a letter to the Record. Whining about the election wasn't the funny part, just the sad part.

The line that caught our eye: "If Democrats are really concerned about integrity...."

Bob Mirch talking about integrity is like Ted Bundy talking about courtship techniques.

Lets see, Bob, what else could you be doing with your time:

1) A legislative investigation into the Ellis No-Show Job at the District Attorneys Office;*

2) An investigation into the Weed n' Seed Scandal;

3) Might try keeping taxes a bit lower in Rensselaer County;

4) Keeping detailed time sheets on your three jobs to ensure you're not triple-dipping.

That's a start, Bob. Integrity....You're a funny guy.

*Mirch is an expert in the field and perfect to lead the investigation

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