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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


What scandal, you ask? Why, the

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Details are sketchy right now but it appears the Weed n' Seed Scandal is percolating once again.
Last night, a detachment of Troy Police were all set to do some weedin' when they were called off and told, "No mo' money."

It also appears that the Feds have asked for a five year accounting of money and County officials are having a devil of a time finding the paperwork. Indictments may be on the way.

Perhaps County Republicans can tell us why our Police weren't able to perform their jobs last night. Perhaps someone on the City Council may want to comment on this development. The County has screwed-up funding that was meant to help Troy. Where's the Council, where's the Mayor? Where's Crawley, he's always up for flapping his gums?

Perhaps the City Council could grow a backbone and start asking questions. Ah, forget it. They're not going to criticize or ask any tough questions about this matter. Not when Bob Mirch runs the show in Troy and the County.

In other news, the Republicans have once again raised taxes on Trojans. To date, the tax and spend party has raised taxes 8% under the Tutunjian Administration. Those Republicans love raising taxes, don't they.

Of course, we're told it's a 'bare bones' budget, but we know better, don't we? The optomistic GOP plans on an estimated 15% increase in sales tax revenue. The County estimates the sales tax increase at 5% We'll see what happens. Tighten your belts, ladies and gents, next year's hike will be close to double-digits.

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Dan & Harry celebrate the new tax increase

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