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Friday, November 25, 2005


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By Huggybear

Word on the Street is that the Republican led Rensselaer County Legislature will be voting to give themselves a $4k - $7k pay raise. Huggybear doesn't know what to make of this info. Frankly, I can't believe it. If they're going to do this, why wasn't it mentioned during the campaign?

HB doesn't mind the pay raise. After all, they're a good bunch. They lost, hid or stole our Weed n' Seed money, they've raised taxes over 50% in the past few years and how could we forget the Ellis no-show job at the DA's office.

They only thing that bothers me is I usually like to be wined and dined before getting f----d!

HB doesn't believe this rumor. There's as much chance of them voting themselves a pay raise as there is the former FEMA Director starting a disaster preparedness consulting firm. It just ain't going to happen.

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