The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, November 07, 2005


Tom Casey that is, not Jack. Casey is the Republican Chair in Troy. After a barrage of slanderous, anonymous phone calls, Casey's response was to blame a blog. We're not sure which blog he's referring to but if there's a blog out there making personal attacks, we condemn such behavior.

We like Casey's "They started it," defense. Looks like we have another Third Grader here.

For fun though, lets look at how Casey treats a female, senior citizen in an e-mail. Just to show you what type of man we're dealing with.

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Great e-mail "GOP Caseman." Lets dissect it a bit.

First, way to go, berating an old woman. Must make you feel real good. Secondly, exposing her to her fellow tenants? As what, Tom? A Democrat. Sorry, Caseman, people can be Democrats, at least for now. Hey, Tom, you don't send your candidates to a forum, don't blame other people.

Finally, lets talk about "running Troy like a business." That's our favorite, Tom. Enron, maybe.

As far as we know, Harry used to run a business. He didn't hire Dan Crawley or Dave Mitchell or Bob Mirch for his business. No, he hired them for Troy because they supported him. Most businesses hire the best qualified people, not political hacks.

If Troy is a business, then we believe the taxpayers are the shareholders. Generally, shareholders don't see their dividends shrink. Here, however, the Republicans have continually raised taxes, thereby shrinking the shareholder dividends. Not only that, you give pay raises to top officials while you raise taxes. Funny way to run a business, Tom.

Good businesses also follow the rules, Tom. Since you are a public employee, you are ineligible to be a party chair. Basically, you're breaking the law. Maybe it is more like Enron than we first thought. We understand you're merely a figurehead and Bruno calls the shots. Still, you shouldn't be breaking the law. What will we tell the children, Tom.

Point is Tom, government isn't a business.

Tom, stick to berating old ladies, you're perfect for the job.

If you want to express your displeasure with Tom, feel free to e-mail him at and tell him Democratus sent you.

The more power the GOP has, the nastier they get.

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