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Sunday, November 06, 2005


DeAngelis Loses Endorsement Primary

The three major papers in the region (Times Union, The Record, The Troy Polloi) have endorsed Robert Jacon for County Court Judge. No one can argue with their reasoning but we'll have to see what the voters think.

In other DeAngelis news, the Appellate Division Third Department has announced they will be adding another judge if DeAngelis wins in order to handle the expected case load that will be coming their way.

Overheard at the DeAngelis fundraiser: A DeAngelis neighbor has placed a Jacon sign on their front lawn. "Doesn't she know I live nextdoor," said a mystified DeAngelis. Uhm....She probably does, Trish and she probably waited in line for the sign. Last we heard, you can do that type of thing in America.

The Harry & Mike Show

Today is the third day in which Harry has run an ad attacking his Uncle-in-Law, Michael LoPorto. The ad hints at supporting all nine Republican candidates for City Council but is really just an immature tirade against a family member. You can tell a lot about a man that puts politics above family.

Lets suppose the ad is 100% correct. Why run the ad? Why not let it go? It's a small, petty move. Something a bush-leaguer would do. This isn't the Third Grade. Or is it?**

Harry, spend your time helping the Bucks. After all, you did promise to help them.


All of you are waiting for the Troy Polloi's election predications. We just know you are. Unfortunately, there's no Cassandra here, but we'll dust off our prognostication skills and do our best.

Best Case Scenario

The best case scenario for the Democrats is victory in five races: Jacon for County Court Judge, Carr (District 2), Ryan (District 3), Dunne (District 4), LoPorto (At-Large). That's best case. Realistically, Dunne and one other, take your pick.

The best case scenario for the Republicans? It's not often you can say this about a political party but there is a potential for them to win everything, from the County Court race, the county legislative races, right through the city races. They're really not that far away from that now. It would be the ultimate in control and a terrible thing for the residents. But remember, by definition, half of the population is of below average intelligence, so it could happen.

In any event, we suspect a good night for the Republicans which means more material for us.

* still the same low price
** I saw Mike in gym class and he said he's going to meet Harry after school and kick his %$#@

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