The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Friday, November 18, 2005


The Republican Party wants a 'Do-Over' in Districts 1 and 17 because their county legislative candidates lost.

Here's the story from the Times Union.

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"Mr. Attorney General, it's not fair!"

Sad, really, watching them try to salvage something from their election night disasters. Well, we suggest they listen to their own supporters (circa 2000), "Get over it!"

Now they want every vote to count. The fact is, there's problems in many election districts. In fact, At-Large Marge (DerGurahian) may have lost votes because of faulty machines. Those votes may have cost her the City Council Presidency. We don't see them making noise about that. Can't imagine why.

Next, they'll do what they did in Florida in 2000, that is, run to those activist judges for relief (remember folks, it was the Bush camp that went to the courts, not Gore).

Expect more desperate behavior in the year to come. With a Democratic Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller and possibly Senate Majority leader, a lot of panic will set in. Guys, best get to work on those resumes, the free ride is ending.

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