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Thursday, November 03, 2005


How many of you have critically analyzed the issues and who will get your vote? How many of you have taken the time to read all you can about the candidates up for election? How many of you believe stepping into a voting both is almost as sacred as stepping into a confessional? Me neither. Still, here's our picks.

District 1

We choose Daniel Doran over Mark Wojcik for two reasons. Wojcik believes that Lansingburgh will become a 'Destination'. Therefore, we can't really take him too seriously (although if he really believes that, we want a dime bag of whatever he's smoking). Secondly, the Democrats may need ready access to funeral supplies and services. Therefore, Dan's the man.

District 2

Carr or McGrath? We're torn. It be nice to have a minority on the Council. On the other hand, McGrath represents a minority of sorts. He looks like every woman's first husband. They should have representation also. In the end, we don't care. Neither is slinging mud and both care about the city. District 2 can't lose.

District 3

Art Judge or Peter Ryan. Ryan all the way. He may even win. He appears to be well respected in his neighborhood, intelligent and articulate. Ryan could be a surprise here. He probably won't run from a budget vote. The minor lines will probably kill him.

District 4

Dunne. We like a guy who can take all the lies and garbage that the Republican bosses ooze and still fight back. Besides, Bruno all but endorsed Dunne and his jail plan. Also, Dunne doesn't carry the added expense of a booster seat that comes with a Pascarell win. In the end, it's a character issue and we cannot endorse a man that has been arrested or a man that lies on campaign literature.

District 5

We're going with Bob Krogh. The follicle-challenged are a growing minority in the city and their voice should be heard. Bob's a decent sort and they need someone who doesn't get down in the gutter with the rest of the Republicans.

District 6

Collier or Hockler? Another tough one. Collier does add some testosterone to the council. Hockler seems like a decent man. We have to go with Collier. She'll be great for the future of the Troy Polloi.


Wow, so many choices. It's like a Chinese menu. Armet is an empty suit, blowhard. The tribe should vote him off the island. He can always get a job as Harry's faux-lighthouse keeper. Campana and Martiniano are our guys here, respected, responsible and they won't be a rubber stamp for the mayor. They may actually act like a legislative branch of government. So we need a third for our menage. Marge or LoPorto? We like Marge, don't get us wrong, but LoPorto will bring an out-of-town perspective. It's a toss-up. Oops, we forgot about the disgraced Judge, Henry Bauer. We simply cannot endorse him this round and frankly, we don't believe the Republicans are going to want him on the council. The other Republicans are not of the same caliber as Bauer and he'll easily outshine them.

Marge or Mike

County Court Judge

We've written a lot about this so lets cut to the chase.

The one thing DeAngelis has going for her are all those innovative programs she started. Our favorite, "Let Us Pay You To Go To School Full Time" (or LUPYTGTSFT). We want that grant. Sign us up.

Robert Jacon is the only serious choice. If you can't grasp that there's no reasoning with you.

County Legislature

All the Democrats. We're tired of all the tax hikes, we're tired of the scandals, we're tired of the party that let Mary Beth Anslow go home early because she was Jack Casey's client. Throw 'em out. You won't, but you should. Someday you'll tire of being vassels.

That said, we predict a big night for the Republicans. Maybe a clean sweep in the county and 7 out of the 9 City Council seats.

This election brings us to an important fork in the road. One road leads to incompetence, the other to corruption. Make the right choice.

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