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Saturday, August 22, 2015


We have found common cause with Jim Gordon.

Last Wednesday, District 1 Councilman Jim Gordon had some issues. He e-mailed Council President Wiltshire:


Today is
Wednesday. I have yet to receive my packet from last Friday.
In addition to my agenda it also included several pieces of
mail that I needed for meetings yesterday and today.              

I stopped at clerks office Monday morning
and they told me it was just mailed because Adam gets to
pick and choose who he delivers to. Apparently I am not on
that list. Apparently Rhonda delivers Deans packet.

What is going on? I am not too happy or
appreciative of this method of conducting business. I have
been embarrassed twice this week because I haven't been
as prepared as I need to be due to failure by a certain
council employee.

What has Adam been working on these days
that prevents the simple act of delivering my packet as we
were guaranteed would be done?

Councilman, Dist.1
That is a perfectly reasonable request. A council member needs information in order to represent their constituents.

Adam did respond:

On Aug 19,
2015, at 12:06 PM, Adam.Sanzone <>

I am sorry for this to occur. Last
Friday I didn't have the car and had to be somewhere at
a later time and because the packets are sometime ready late
in the afternoon, it's hard with timing. So, with my
bike, I delivered the packets to members in South Troy -
Eastside since there's a direct route to my house. Some
Friday's can be difficult. 
If I knew it would have taken this
long for the packets to be delivered via mail I would have
delivered them Monday when I was able again. Very sorry

Adam J.
Assistant Office of the Troy City
Council___________________________Troy City
Hall433 River Street, Suite
5001Troy, New York
He followed-up after Sullivan-Teta said she had not received her packet either with:

On Aug 19, 2015 12:08 PM,
"Adam.Sanzone" <>
Lastly, I would like to
apologies for not informing everyone who the packets were
mailed to of this. I lost track of time and never thought
the packets would not be deceived by now.

Adam J.
Assistant Office of the Troy City
Council___________________________Troy City
Hall433 River Street, Suite
5001Troy, New York


On Aug 19, 2015, at 12:29 PM, Rodney Wiltshire <> wrote:
Everyone, I'm going to leave my Friday afternoon - evenings completely available now for packet days so everyone will receive theirs. I will also deliver on weekends, if that is the case, but this inconvenience should not have happened. 

Sorry again. 

Adam J. Sanzone
Legislative Assistant to the Troy City Council
On behalf of Rodney Wiltshire, JR. 
President of the Troy City Council
Gordon responds by pointing out that Sanzone is addressing council business and using his legislative title from a Wiltshire campaign e-mail account. Again, a perfectly reasonable observation.

Now, we don't know Adam Sanzone from, well, from Adam. Nor do we believe this is a major issue in and of itself. Sanzone* should perform his legislative duties and keep them separate from his Team Troy endeavors. However, this is a second example of the Wiltshire Campaign flouting laws and rules. His people have repeatedly placed signs on public property. Now, a person who owes his job to Wiltshire and is part of Team Troy is not giving the GOP mayoral candidate legislative packets in a timely manner. He also stiffed Sullivan-Teta, a Wade supporter.

We are not blaming Wiltshire for these specific transgressions. He does need to manage his people and in that he seems to be failing. Further, we have dealt in the past with administrations that misuse public time and resources for campaign reasons. We don't need that again.

* Adam Sanzone is the brother of Record reporter Danielle Sanzone, a fact that we have not seen her disclose in any campaign reporting. If we missed such a disclosure, our apologies.


Anonymous said...

I had guessed that Adam and Danielle were siblings. They share the same lack of basic writing skills.

Anonymous said...

If Rodney can't manage Adam Sanzone and where his vols place signs, how is he going to manage the city?

Anonymous said...

Jim Gordon is all of a sudden worried about being embarrassed by his lack of packets, yet not the least bit embarrassed about having the police called to his house? Hmmm sounds a bit out of wack!

Scribbler said...

The tie between newspapers and politics around here is unbelievable: Crist, Buell and don't forget Franco trying to get a job as DeAngelis' spokesperson. This is just one more in a long line.

Friend of Franco said...

Franco used to get feed crap by Crist and then print it like it was true. That's why he was writing all the unsubstantiated rumors about King Street, people being indicted and all the other crap.

To be fair, the Dems stopped talking to him years ago so all he had was Republicrap stuff from his good buddy Crist. If it had been Dunne or Wiltshire or Campana whose wife had called the police, Franco would have been all over it.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Jim Gordon! Vote Republican!

Anonymous said...

Now that's funny!

Anonymous said...

And he's a college grad. Don't they teach writing anymore?

Anonymous said...

Is that the guy who turned on Pavlic, after Pavlic helped him out?

Anonymous said...

Yup. Stabbed him in the back

Anonymous said...

Wiltshire's an empty suit.

Anonymous said...

No one at Team Troy event in downtown last night.

Anonymous said...

God, Wiltshire's going to try and cozy up to the Police now! Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Saw that video by Danielle (don't call me Adam) Sanzone. Pathetic.