The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Following the shooting at Old Sixth and Hutton Street, an angry crowd gathered at Samaritan Hospital. Torches were lit and pitchforks were at the ready. The police were called, it was a scene. Troy Chief of Police John Tedesco called for an investigation and has apparently come to the conclusion that is to blame? Why else would a local news director be getting a Teddy-Gram?

This is so Teddy (he of  "The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves" fame)*. News Flash, Teddy: the media covers news stories. A shooting and a murder is news. It may not make your job any easier but that's not the media's job.

The media even seeks interviews when doing so might be dangerous. Reporters have, yes Teddy, died, covering news stories, wars etc. To blame the media, who deny instigating anything, is a cheap move. It was a charged situation, no doubt. If the media backed off every charged situation and refused to cover controversial situations we would have...The Record.

What did leak was the fact that the 14 year-old survivor was taken to Albany Medical Center Hospital. We'd look in to that issue. How is it that the public is told where a 14 year-old is taken for treatment. A fourteen year-old that many blame for the murder. Given the charged atmosphere, could it have been possible that someone might stroll in to AMCH to look for the young man? Not saying it was Teddy's fault. We're just saying it might be more beneficial to formulate a policy to avoid this in the future.

Meanwhile, the three candidates for the Democratic nomination for Troy Mayor attended an anti-violence rally. Naturally, Republican nominee Jim Gordon wasn't there.

* Remember the good-old days when Teddy wanted to implement a policy that would mandate female officers tell him when they became pregnant? We know there was a draft version somewhere but cooler heads prevailed and the policy  never materialized.


TPD said...

Tedesco is always looking to blame someone, except himself.

Anonymous said...

Many are blaming the 14 yr. old (gunshot victim) for the murder? What? Please put down the keyboard and take a detective test. Troy needs your #TroyCrazy il-logic. If I didn't know better I would swear Doherty or Rodney wrote this.

TPD said...

Not true. Some do think he may have been involved in some way, not just as a shooting victim. Also, he/she is right about AMCH.

The dust-up at Samaritan was based on the belief that they took Carter there rather than AMCH because they didn't care if he died. They took him there because he wasn't going to survive the ride to AMCH.

Anonymous said...

Doherty doesn't write this. This shit is great and Doherty is a weenie. Big D has balls!

Robert Cox said...

I must say on the case of Bob Daugherty He is Our Councilman Up here and he does not read blogs or write blogs Harry,Vito who has two fake FB Pages Bill Dunn Who has Three Fake FB Pages and about four or five Twitter Profiles
Meanwhile in Baltimore the City of Ferguson is up to

Updated Aug. 12, 2015: St. Louis police reported 4,728 crimes to the FBI in July.

Statistics released by the St. Louis Police Department show there were 20 homicides in July, down from 22 in June but up from 13 reported in July 2014.

Homicides so far this year total 112, up from 71 during the first seven months of 2014 and 59 in the first seven months of 2013.

Homicide numbers don't always match completely because adjustments are made when people die later of injuries or developments change the category.

Search the crime reports by month, neighborhood, crime or street for crimes from Jan. 1, 2014, to July 31, 2015.

NOTE: Crimes listed at a specific address may have occurred in the street or on the sidewalk in front of the address. Crime reports determined to be unfounded are noted on the details page.

Anonymous said...

Of course he was involved douce, he was shot! A camera man from channel 10 was up close filming the angry crowd. They turned on him just as they turned on the cops. Hows that anti-violence rally working ?

Robert Cox said...

Troy's Finest said...

Tedesco has bigger problems with that recent Federal suit he testified in.

Anonymous said...

How does the conversation go between democratus, Bob Cox, Cooper, Clem, Loporto, Martiniano and Doherty? I believe Wade coined the term "delusional"!

Anonymous said...

How's that? This blog doesn't appear anti-Wade at all. It doesn't look pro-Rodney or pro-Team Troy at all.

I believe the word delusional was in the vocabulary before Wade used it to describe the Campana, LoPorto crowd.

What's your point?

Anonymous said...

Tom Wade is up to Voter Fraud up to his eyeballs Noting delusional about those horse apples