The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Thursday, October 08, 2015



Encompasses southern Lansinburgh and North Troy. Home to what is probably the worst area of the city. District stops at Hoosick Street, where passports will be checked.

Geography: Urban, urban, urban. The Crack Basket of Troy. Filled with non-traditional, extra-legal, entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, North Central is not the entirety of the District but it can hog the headlines. Proudly boasts its own school district. A unique feature in a city the size of Troy.

Often Heard: "Duck!"

Past Voting History


Mark McGrath - R 537
R. Martiniano - D 308


Mark McGrath - R 613
Doris Day - D 437


A. Robertson - D 395
K. Mazor - R 360

Another tough district to analyze. Mark McGrath has dominated the voting. Even in 2011, McGrath handily defeated the well-known Doris Day, causing Lana Turner to sit out the 2013 race. Before Robertson, there hadn't been a Democrat in 2 since Jack Mahoney won in 2003 and Robertson won in a low turnout year. This is a fun race as it's almost incumbent v. incumbent.


D- 1,500
R- 538
C- 173
W- 115
 I-  237


Hot Button Issue: Should we abolish the District 2 Council Seat?

The Contestants:


Anastasia Robertson - D, the one term Councilwoman and current incumbent. She is often considered dumb because she says dumb things. However, when PBA President Tom Hoffman accused her of inciting racial tension back in August of 2014, a video showed that the allegation was false. We always call it "divisive" when an African-American says something controversial,  racially charged, hyperbolic or just plain stupid. When it's a white person  we call it the Republican Presidential Debates.


Mark McGrath - R is the former incumbent, having been term-limited out in 2013. He spent his time on the Council converting street gangs into basketball teams and basketball teams into street gangs. We always liked having McGrath on the Council. He was kind of fun. A loose canon and something of a maverick. The crazy uncle at the dinner table who starts a sentence with: "And let me tell you about the good things Mussolini did." Now, he has turned his attention to combating political lawn signs and sturgeon.

Did You Know? No one was shot today in District 2.

Good Luck District 2. God be with you.

*The part of Mark McGrath will be played by former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford


Anonymous said...

I always thought Lana Turner could have taken him.

Phana24JG said...

Demo, really disappointed in you with this one. Where I totally parted company with Anastasia was the "Amerikka" reference. How in God's name can you take a shot at Republican debate participants for being racially divisive and ignore that little gem from Anastasia? This race is the easiest decision in the city. The only opponent I can see having me cast a ballot for Anastasia is Crazy Marvin, now that Brucato is polluting poor Amherst.

Chief Bender said...

I like you Phana but in all seriousness, she is not running for president like those clowns. This hardly sounded like an endorsement. Demo did say she said stupid things and racially charged things. Think you may be overthinking the lapse. Just my opinion. Still, damned funny

Phana24JG said...

Point taken, CB. However, I cannot get beyond Amerikka. I suspect we are all just biding our time for the at - large analysis. That should be a riot.

Anonymous said...

Cast your vote for None of the Above.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't McCashion pay off those tax warrants?

Anonymous said...

Because tweeting incomprehensible garbage doesn't pay the bills

Drew Cooper said...

Me either!

Warrant Beatty said...

Pay us, Kevin. Pay us, please!

Warrant ID# : E-028648932-W001-1 $4,326.94 18 DUTCH VLG 2L
ALBANY, NY 12204-2990

Warrant ID# : E-028648932-W005-8 $23,506.19

Warrant ID# : E-028648932-W011-6 $2,207.62 65 GLEN AVE
TROY, NY 12180-1313

Angry Taxpayer said...

So, all of us are support Kevin McFreeloader? Great. All talk. Is he getting food stamps too?

Wife's 911 tape said...

(I can't get no) satisfaction

I Pay Taxes said...

Why was JC McCashion barred from bidding on any State contracts. That's a huge deal and the State doesn't do that on a whim. Companies are usually barred for 4-5 years!

At least they pay their taxes.

Del Inquient said...

A Tax Warrant is the same as a judgment. No mortgage, no car No wonder the failed council candidate broke up with him.

Gavin Belson said...

Are we subsidizing his tweets?

Guy Fawkes said...

Someone asked a very good question. Why can't District 2 find a regular-type council person. The choices really suck.

Not sure if Lana Turner could have beat him but Gene Tierney could have whomped his ass.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

I'm afraid to ask who

Anonymous said...

Does McCasswipe even live in Troy? The warrents list an apartment complex in menends.

Anonymous said...

I hear that surfing in Livermore CA. is quite the experience. Any surfers out there?

Anonymous said...

Brought to you by Angie's List.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Kevin is occupying allot of space in more than a few heads.

Art Vanderlay said...

McFreeloader used to belong to the Sons of Liberty. They would dress up as Indians and throw their tax warrants into the harbor.

Sharkey said...

I kind of feel sorry for the little fella'. Must be tough not being able to carry your own weight.

Anonymous said...

Don't get too excited, Kevin. You still can't get laid.

PayMe said...

Warrant ID# : E-028648932-W001-1 $4,326.94 18 DUTCH VLG 2L
ALBANY, NY 12204-2990

Warrant ID# : E-028648932-W005-8 $23,506.19

Warrant ID# : E-028648932-W011-6 $2,207.62 65 GLEN AVE
TROY, NY 12180-1313

Anonymous said...

Too bad Chris Farley is dead. He would have been perfect to play Rob Ford in the movie. Great picture.

Anonymous said...

EmbroidMe some money so I can pay off my tax warrants!

To bad he couldn't keep his business afloat. Maybe Wolf Road was a bad location. To high rent.

Anonymous said...

He hates Albany because he couldn't hack it there. He'll fail and get run out of Troy soon enough. Then he'll try to "save" Scotia or Kinderhook. Lucky them!

Anonymous said...

Former Coucilman McGrath, I served with Rob Ford. I knew Rob Ford. Rob Ford was a friend of mine. Former Coucilman McGrath, you're no Rob Ford.

Anonymous said...

Someone's been pulling too hard on his tiny, flaccid Twitter.

Jaime said...

I like it when he links to stories that show the opposite of what he's babbling about, when you can understand his twits. I like him, though. Every time I have a self-esteem issue, thinking about his life makes me feel successful.

Anonymous said...

@2:49 Best comment ever!

Anonymous said...

None of this even touches the mad utterings of Mr. M. whilst on the machines and roving the locker room with the other rocket scientists at the Troy Y. It actually makes ones head hurt....Lemuel Phibes

Anonymous said...

Yeah --why would you vote for someone who oversaw a division of the NYS Comptrollers Office. What the hell would he know about budgets, and handling city finances. Anatasia is the ticket to paradise. Her and Peggy would be great together putting together a city budget.

Anonymous said...

Is the space in my head that Mcgetsnoassclown occupies tax deductible? If so maybe Mcgetsnoassclown may consider renting it. Since he doesn't pay his taxes

Anonymous said...

Mark was in payroll somewhere. Nothing to do with budgets. Thanks, Matt. Nice try.