The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Thursday, October 08, 2015


We almost forgot. There are actual Council races this year. Everyone is so focused on the Mayor's Race, the council races may have some self-esteem issues. We know they seek some validation and need some tender loving care.


This northernmost district should be called North Troy as it is the northernmost district of Troy. But it's isn't. It's called Lansingburgh, which is north of North Troy. Lansingburgh was once an autonomous municipality. It was annexed by Troy after its defeat in the Trojan War. This district was formerly represented by Mark Wojcik, Kevin McGrath and Jim Gordon.

Often Heard: I can't believe Wojcik was the good one.

Geography: District 1 covers the most northerly part of the City of Troy. Due to it's location, the weather is often harsh with temperatures sometimes falling into the sub-zero range for weeks at a time. For six months out of the year there is daylight for only 2.3 hours daily. Debate rages as to who was the first man to reach District 1. Some say Peary. Others Cook.

Past Voting History:


K. McGrath - D 1002
J. Gordon - R 627


K. McGrath - D 1,228
F. LaPosta - R 592


J. Gordon - R 770
S. Scales - D 591

A tough district to analyze. The Democrats do well with a name but it feels like a Republican district. Obviously, the McGrath name is still big. We get the feeling that if Kevin McGrath ran again, he'd still do well. Don't know what that says about the district or the power of a family name.

In the past three elections, the Republican's best tally was 770 votes. Previously, from 2003-2007, the Republican garnered 1000+ votes, with the opponent garnering anywhere from 600+ to 800+. Draw your own conclusions about garners.

Enrollment statistics show: 


Hot Button Issue: Why did that nice white couple call 911?


Laurie Ryan - D

Maybe we're doing something wrong on this internet-thingy, but we can't find much at all about Ryan. That's a plus, as we won't be disappointed. We believe she's related to Pete Ryan.

Jim Gulli - R

Checked out his facebook page. Seems like your standard, law-and-order Republican. Nothing impressive here or actively offensive.

Jessica Ashley - G

One of the organizers of the Troy Citizens Complaint Board. The board was organized in response to the Jan. 25 melee between police officers and the mostly minority community patrons at Kokopellis, a bar at 124 Fourth St. The board is a subcommittee of the Citizens United for Justice in Troy, NY. It was formed to help residents "file their complaints of excessive force, violence, racism, discrimination and witness intimidation used by the Troy PD." 

We're just not feeling it. A non-factor

Did you know? Colonel Seth Warner, leader of the Green Mountain Boys and Revolutionary War Hero, never visited Lansingburgh.


Anonymous said...

This will be great if Ryan wins. Her district office will be at 113th and 5th ave. she will look forward to the extra 15k she can use for scratch off tickets. She gets murdered in the general. Jim Gulley is one of the biggest blowhards you will ever meet. Wimp vs blimp there's no good choice here folks. To bad Mike Marafito didn't still live here he could have finally won.

Anonymous said...

Will be an interesting test to see if a Democrat can win up there without the C line. A McGrath could probably do it, but anyone else who knows. The other candidates are weak enough it could happen. Speaking of weak, look at those Gordon numbers. He got killed both times. Now he's running for mayor with five lines. And he still can't put together a sentence or an actual idea. Gotta love Troy politics.

Anonymous said...

Gulley/ Ryan - not impressed A Mcgrath? Too bad there's no Clintons or Bush's to recycle. Can't wait to see this circus. Run V Run

Anonymous said...

Lansingburgh is part of Troy?

Anonymous said...

Yes, a very spirited part of the Troy fabric. I hope you're just kidding.

Anonymous said...

You can find bobby up on 15th shot hole house next to frats and student apartments. Look for the truck illegally parked on the sidewalk. !~~!

Anonymous said...

Why would one leave a multiple million dollar business and sunny Florida? Kicked out or it's all in his head

Gordon 911 Tape said...

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. I will survive!

Free the 911 tapes said...

One term and done Jimbo. Its a shame gave D1 away not letting Kevin be. His ego is still deflated over the Mason vote.

Anonymous said...

I almost get the impression that the two candidates are allowing their name to be put on the ballot but just don't care about running or winning. Haven't seen either and I haven't received any lit from either one.

Anonymous said...

Why do you people care so much about Bob Cox?? What's your fascination with him, his business, his house, his wardrobe, where and how he parks his truck. You dirtbags are something else. Say what you want about Bob Cox. He may be off his rocker, he may be unstable. But the fact of the matter is he's harmless. The way the old city hall gang obsesses about Bob Cox, I swear they all want to have his baby. Go back to Franco's blog. Franco is bought and paid for by you losers. We don't buy your petty, jealous, insecure, evil ways, so go where you belong, on a stalkers blog, not a brilliant post. Go the fuck away!

Wades a fool said...

It clearly states Wades a fool for giving D1 away. K Mcgrath cursed up there.

Anonymous said...

He's made his own bed db. Its only just begun.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you say Fredo. Those numbers were before voter fraud and all the shit on you came out.

Anonymous said...

McGrath, Kevin, has too many issues to win now, I think. This is the most lackluster election up here in years. I was not ahuge McGrath fan and god forbid, I can't vote for Gordon, but the two candidates we have now just seem so uninspired. Does anyone else fell the same. Just blah.

Anonymous said...

Gordon is borderline retarded. So they really can't be worse

Anonymous said...

Then he should lauded for functioning at such a high level then?

Domestic Violence Awareness said...

Let's find out what level he operates on. Release the 911 tape.

Gordon will win said...

Like Kevin or not, it's clear he got the vote out in D1. Voeter fraud was 09 and even though it was Frank the flip flopper, Kevin drew more out. This will hurt the Mayor's race not having a viable D1 dem candidate

Anonymous said...

Kevin could roll out of bed on November 2nd and announce he's running for the council seat the me,t day and STILL get 60% of the vote! Th as t fact frightens the political lifers

Anonymous said...

That would depend on who ran against him now wouldn't it? His name wouldn't help in one scenerio that comes to mind

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amy