The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Wednesday, October 14, 2015



Known affectionately as D3, this election district is also known as Sycaway, the Beverley Hills of Troy, without the multi-billion dollar industry, beautiful weather and beautiful people. District 3 is bordered by the Town of Brunswick, Frear Park Road, 10th Street and Brunswick Road.

Geography: Rolling hills, middle-class homes and highly educated, rolling state workers. If Troy was New York City, Sycaway would be Westchester County, which isn't part of New York City so forget all about that. Think Brunswick-lite. Sycaway is not a Native American word like many think. It is a Japanese word meaning, "I don't have to say I live in Troy."

Often Heard: "It's really like a live in Brunswick."

Past Voting History:


D. Bodnar - R 515
R. Hoffmeister - D 394
R. Ziemba - W 321


D. Bodnar - R 724
R. Ziemba - D 721


D. Bodnar - R 620
M. DeLair - D 454

Enrollment Statistics

D -601
R- 367
C- 100
W - 19
I - 130
Blank - 732

Hot Button Issue: "Should we have a hot button issue?"

This district leans Democratic. As can be seen from the recent results, 2013 was the only election were Bodnar was clearly safe. Without the split vote in 2009, Bodnar would not have won. 2011 was a squeaker. The district has also shown a willingness to dump an incumbent. Lynn Mahoney(D) represented the district before being defeated by Art Judge (R) who would be defeated by Pete Ryan (D). The same almost happened to Bodnar in 2011. A fine example of how a strong third party candidate fucks shit up. Luckily, we got Bodnar.



Bodnar is a three term incumbent. If he does win re-election, it will be his last term. Bodnar was born in Watervliet, attended Catholic Central High School and Siena College where he majored in political science. That's about all we know about Bodnar. We think he's retired. We find him to be professional, calm and one of the adults on the Council. Simply put, he seems decent and pragmatic. Drawbacks: Not one, respectable scandal to his name. Come on Dean, give us something. Maybe duel?


Bodnar's opponent is a long-time Democrat party activist. Steele worked at the County and is retired from the Office of Child and Family Services.  And yes, before someone clever brings it up, Steele did have an alcohol-related driving offense years ago. Many people have had  a DWI or DWAI (not us of course) but many. Even former Congressman John Sweeney had  a few, and Steele didn't even have a stripper in her lap when pulled over. At least we don't think she did. In any event, it is not hard to see that Steele agreed to take a bullet for the team. We don't think she wanted to run and we get the feeling that if she lost she wouldn't be all that disappointed.

District 3 should be well served no matter who wins.

Did You Know: The R.M.S Titanic was built in Belfast, Ireland, not in Troy, NY.


Anonymous said...

Bodnar has been a disappointment - especially this term - by aligning himself with Rodney for a committee chair and the WFP line on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

Love your description of Sycaway.

Phana24JG said...

Should be an interesting race. Normally, I would make Bodnar a heavy favorite, but it is hard to predict how the struggles of the present Council and the proposed budget will impact incumbents. Steele is reasonably well-known and certainly knows the game very well. I rarely suggest experience is that valuable a commodity when evaluating candidates, but I think Dean would be a tremendous asset to forming some kind of a working majority of the next Council.

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of race that can deliver a real surprise upset. Everything seems stable but the challenger does much better than expected. Not saying Dean deserves to lose. Just keep an eye out for this one.

Anonymous said...

Dean is a decent guy but a real zero in the leadership department. He sleeps through council meetings and doesn't take a stand on anything, probably because he doesn't bother to read the agendas. Its kindof a slap in the face to his district. It would be nice to have someone who wasn't just phoning it in for the paycheck.

Fat Dan said...

Sycaway is to Brunswick what South Troy is to Brooklyn . Dream on.

Free the Gordon 911 Tape said...

Beat it. Just Beat it.

McCashion Tax Warrants said...

I Can't Get No Satisfaction

Over Taxed said...

Now it all makes sense. McCashion brothers Holding put in a bid for Monument Square. So smart they forget to send the flash drive with the right info. That's why McFreeloader is so pissed. Thank god they didn't win. They were listed as having a vacant property at 459 First Ave in Albany.

Looks like the gadfly can't do much more than tweet and join defunct right-wing organizations. Stays with them for a few months, then moves on. No staying power. At least that's what Billie Jean said.

Gordon Wins said...

You didn't even mention Steel's DWI! So partisasn.

Anonymous said...

Just about anyone can win these races. Think Robertson can't win? Think again. A few R's stay home, the Dems get out to vote and Wiltshire drives a few more people to the polls than usual. I don't think she will win and if I lived in 2 I wouldn't vote, but she can.

I think the Blanks tend to split 50/50 so then it's turnout and the Democrats are better at that lately.

Anonymous said...

Hey Phana who gives a shit what you think? Your no better than Coop so stop being so arrogant.

Alan Swan said...

I give a shit.

Anonymous said...

Anastasia is one & done. Being she's a minority public official, she should have, and could have been a calming voice, to help quell the racial tension - but instead, she threw gas on the fire. Her dumb ass comments, as well as those from Rodney and the other idiot in D4, will eventually cost us money. They are all detrimental to the future of this city. As far as Bodner goes, yeah, a nice guy, but he should be a vocal leader, not a deaf mute. Another one collecting checks for 6 years, and never offering one solid piece of legislation to move us forward. Steele brngs no fire to the table either. Enough of this nice guy crap - look where its gotten us. We need real leaders, who are willing to make tough decisions on spending, with strict oversight of all departments. You can't cut the fat - cause there's none left. People really need to start crossing political lines when casting their vote, toi get some better, non-political posturing people on our council. As far as the mayors race - Maddon or Gordon would do well. Both have experience managing budgets in the private sector - both have leadership abilities. Rodney strikes me as very ego driven, offering bullshit resolutions supporting the flavor of the day. Another one who's accomplished nothing in 4yrs. Solar stuff is all good, but we've got 50000 budgeted for homeowners grants - at a time when that money could be put to much better use. And did you hear that cox guy at the forum? He's nothing more than an idiot with a personal agenda. Great blog btw. Enjoy your satirical sense of wit.

Phana24JG said...

What's the matter 9.11? Why would I want to be "better" than Drew? I am honest about my orientation, but try to be as objective as possible. What exactly did you find arrogant? Does failure to participate in the remarks about blows jobs, cream sauces, separation agreements, and tax warrants meet your definition of arrogance? I try not to get personal on the local level.

Gordon Wins, you may want to reread the post. Steele's history was discussed, and given the time frame and her total body of public work, I think Demo made a defensible analysis of the relevant impact.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Wins: Can you read? Did you read the bog before you posted? Duh!

Anonymous said...

It's good to see that Bill Dunne still can't control himself when it comes to sucking up to RJ Valentie. Now he's hand delivering some land in Grafton to him. There's no way that Madden can keep this man around but no one should vote for Madden till he tells us that Dunne is out.

Anonymous said...

Phana, I applaud your objectivity and I hope you enjoy posting for whatever reason. I for one enjoy your posts. However, please consider many readers and most posters are clearly in one camp or the other so no amount of reason will change their minds or even enlighten them. If all readers and posters did the same as you concerning the low IQ = blowjobs fights etc. and ignored them maybe they would just go away.

Anonymous said...

Not sure Madden can say that publicly, but I know that he has said it privately. Dunne is done

Anonymous said...

Do you think anyone cares what you think 9:11? Put your name on, or shut your mouth!

Anonymous said...

Oh, 7:16, I'm sure phan is relieved to have your support and approval! Do you really think anybody cares what you think. You don't even put your name to your thoughts

Anybody said...

Hysterical didn't put your name to your thoughts either. Nor did I. That's kind of what these blog comments are all about. The ability to say what you want without fear of reprisal.

Phana24JG said...

Thank you 9.16 and 12.09, while I do not need approval, it's appreciated. Based on the rumblings of social media, sounds like Mr. Madden in turning up the heat. Silly season is officially here.

Drew Cooper said...

So the people who add their names must have no fear of reprisal. Seems right to me!

Anonymous said...

Madden has no intention of keeping Dunne. If you were really on the inside of the campaign you'd know that. Any suggestion otherwise is a partisan scare tactic. Typical Republican BS

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cooper, I've never met you or even know what you look like. I get the impression from your taunts and threats you're trying to prove some type of conceived toughness that you evidently lack. Your constant proclamations of both physical, intellectual and moral superiority leads me to believe you suffer from low self esteem and in reality are viewed as someone who has failed to succeed in some or all facets of life. There is therapy for that.

Dr. Phil

Anonymous said...

Box at takes this race easily.