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Thursday, November 29, 2007


The GOP's money-grab has real potential. Unfortunately, it's so transparent and humorous on it's own that it's difficult to poke fun at in a post. For example, Tuesday's Human Resources meeting was a veritable cavalcade of comedy. The big topic was the money-grab.

-4th District Councilman William Dunne wanted to know why the raises weren't addressed two years ago? Why did it take losing the Council majority for the mayor to seek the raises.

Mayor Gump's response: "Why did Mr. Dunne wait to get the majority to start talking and acting like a council member?"

We can't decide whether Tutunjian's comment was imbecilic or merely moronic. Aside from the fact Dunne's inquiry is legitimate (to which the mayor obviously had no legitimate reply), what's changed? Dunne's been holding Harry's archless feet to the fire for nearly four years. Instead of addressing the issue, Tutunjian went bush-league and sounded foolish. Maybe life isn't a box of chocolates.

-Councilwoman Marge DerGurahian pointed out that three people scheduled for the raises received raises in 2007.

-Deputy Mayor Dan Crawley repeatedly interrupted Council members until he was politely told to "stop flapping your gums," by Mr. Dunne. Crawley indicated that he had a stake in the raises. Perhaps, if Mr. Crawley finds 'public service' so onerous, he should polish his resume for the private sector.


Following-up on our post last week. Talespin had this:

The rumors about Mayor Harry Tutunjian and his administration upsetting state Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno are true. He, or members of his administration, called the press regarding plans for SEFCU to build a $10 million project on Sixth Avenue and the senator was none too happy.

And it also not only upset SEFCU but Columbia Companies as well, the same company who wants to build a Hilton Hotel on Hoosick Street. At the council committee meeting, SEFCU President and CEO Michael Castellana said it was "very upsetting" that a reporter from another paper was calling him up before the deal to buy two acres of land from the city was done or even presented to the council. Joe Nicolla, of Columbia, dropped the senator's name - probably a dozen times - while talking to reporters. We don't blame the reporter from the other paper for making the calls, we blame Tutunjian, or better put his people, for leaking the information without the big dog knowing.

Given SEFCU's reputation and the plan they have for Sixth Avenue, both of which in our opinion are outstanding, we hope Tutunjian and company did not screw it up by putting at risk any potential state aid or for simply spitting in the senator's eye by trying to take credit when it may not be all theirs to take.

It's difficult to see Bruno taking it out on Troy because of Tutunjian's antics. As for credit? Why would Tutunjian get any credit for SEFCU's plans? Either SEFCU wants to relocate certain departments to downtown Troy or it doesn't. It's tiresome to see public officials take credit for private sector endeavors.

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