The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, November 05, 2007


Our endorsement for Troy Mayor goes to James Conroy. Conroy is smart, articulate and tough. Despite his own baggage he challenged Tutunjian to debate after debate. The Mayor, for his part, summoned up enough political courage to meet Conroy once in an open debate.

More importantly, the current mayor has created, or allowed, a culture of intimidation and secrecy to permeate city government. It's as if Tutunjian is the miracle, love child of Forrest Gump and Huey Long.

Like most observers, we see Tutunjian winning re-election without any problems. What's the spread? We say 15-20 points. We say this without glee and in the fervent hope that, like most of our predictions, we're wrong. We'd like to see a close race.

If the City Council goes Democrat, we wouldn't mind seeing Tutunjian re-elected. That would be an interesting dynamic to follow.

Our 'predicitions' in any race are really mere guesses. We would not be shocked if the Troy City Council went 7-2 for the GOP or 5-4 for the Democrats. We wouldn't be surprised if Tutunjian won by 20 points or by 5.

Our best guess....Council 5-4 GOP, Tutunjian by 13.7%

For political junkies election day is like Christmas. So, Merry Christmas everyone.

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