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Sunday, November 18, 2007


By now, everyone has heard about the letter written by Assistant Police Chief John Tedesco in support of Carolin Collier's, unsuccessful, re-election bid for the 6th District Council seat.

The letter from Tedesco was not on official Troy P.D. stationary. The letter was signed by Tedesco as Assistant Chief of Police. As a private citizen, Tedesco has every right to support any candidate. What remains to be seen is whether or not the use of an official title is of any legal or disciplinary consequence.

Post-election, the letter has garnered attention. We've also had unconfirmed reports that a Special Prosecutor may become involved in the matter. Why a Special Prosecutor? We have no idea. We have not scanned the Penal Law (nor will we) but it seems unlikely that the use of a title, no matter how inappropriate, would be a matter for any District Attorney....or should be. More likely, there may be a breach of some inter-departmental rule. In any event, that's the scuttlebutt. If a referral to an SP was made over a letter, it seems excessive.

More intriguing was the now defunct plan to create a Commissioner of Police during Tutunjian's second Mayorshiporality. Was Tedesco to be the Commish? Was the plan an end-game around Chief Kaiser? Will Ted and Kelly ever get back together?

Besides, Tedesco is all wrong for a Commissioner. We all know what a Police Commish should look like:

Anywho, something is afoot down at State Street. We'll keep you posted.

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