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Wednesday, November 21, 2007



November 21, 1621: The Pilgrims teach Squanto that maize is actually corn.

The Troy rumor mill grinds fast, but exceedingly coarse.


SEFCU proposed Thursday night to erect a $10 million office building on Sixth Avenue if the city will sell it a two-acre parcel adjacent to the Kennedy Towers senior housing. The building would be for 150 employees in the credit union's insurance business.

The City Council voted unanimously to have Corporation Counsel David Mitchell open negotiations with SEFCU for the sale of the property at Sixth Avenue and Federal Street, estimated to have a value of $350,000 to $400,000.

Full story over to the Times Union.

SEFCU's a good group and we're happy to see they want to come to downtown Troy. Of course, stories like these generate rumors. Here's two to chew on:

1) This announcement was supposed to be unveiled in conjunction with Senator Bruno's office. They're none to happy about being left out and may withdraw certain funding;

2) The land is supposedly park land and we all know the deal with park land and waterfront property....need State approval.....Mind, they're mere rumors.


Rensselaer County Legislator Kevin Harrington Calls for End of Public Gravy Train at State Thruway Authority
Rensselaer County Legislator Kevin Harrington is calling for the immediate return of TWO state vehicles improperly assigned to the State Thruway Authority’s Chairman, political appointee John Buono. Harrington noted that Buono also received the full salary of the President at HVCC as a former president at the same time the school was paying the salary of its current president. What was he doing, teaching the president how to be a president?

Now we learn from a State audit conducted by the Office of State Comptroller that Buono has two State cars assigned to his personal use 24-7 despite the clear provisions of Section 352 of the Public Authorities Law which states “the chairman and the other members shall serve without salary or other compensation, but shall be entitled to reimbursement for their actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties.” Since IRS guidelines require personal use of a vehicle to be considered compensation, the provision of a vehicle to Board members with permission for personal use is not in compliance with Section 352 of the Public Authorities Law. Two Board members had assigned vehicles with personal use permitted.”


Rensselaer County Democratic Legislators propose to eliminate the property tax hike.

The Republican response:

“The Democrat document was light on specifics and heavy on the politics. They refuse to acknowledge the outrageous fiscal problems caused by the failure of their party’s governor to deal with out-of-control state mandates,” said the Legislature’s Vice Chairman for Finance Richard Salisbury, a Republican.

Salisbury chimed in with the traditional Republican observation that counters Democrat attacks over the annual increase in the county tax levy.

“And residents should remember that Democrats have refused to join with Republicans in voting to lower the amount of county property tax increases over the last several years,” Salisbury said.

Gee, Dick, guess all those out-of-control mandates occurred in the last 10 months and not under Pataki? Salisbury fails to explain how the acknowledgment of his specious claim advances a solution for our over-burdened residents.

Can't wait until you guys have a majority in the County Legislature so you can deal with the problem.


Greg bows out with grace. We hope he stays involved with the GOP. We can ill-afford to have people of his caliber driven to the sidelines of Rensselaer County politics. Why didn't Bruno create a judgeship for this guy?

Next week we'll have some fun with Harry and his raises. In the meantime, have a safe and happy Thankgiving.

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