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Thursday, November 01, 2007


Campana, Brown Decry Republican Dirty Tricks
Fake letters are aimed to mislead voters

Democratic Councilman Clem Campana and Democratic candidate for Council-at-Large John Brown have recently learned that Republican operatives are planning to send out letters falsely signed by each candidate asking Democrats to “bullet-vote” for one of the candidates.

“This effort is an attempt to undermine the strong team approach that John and I have taken this year,” said incumbent Clem Campana. “We are very concerned about this illegal tactic inspired by a desperate attempt to thwart my friendship with John and the strong grassroots campaigns we have run this year.”

Campana and Brown said that they learned of the letters from an anonymous source and chose to go public to pre-empt this malicious and ill conceived tactic. The anonymous tipster told them that Republican operative planned to send one letter falsely signed by Campana asking voters to “bullet vote” just for him, and another letter falsely signed by Brown asking voters to bullet vote” for just him.

“I have spent my campaign talking about issues and working hard to get to know the voters by campaigning door-to-door.” Added John Brown. “The people will see through this kind of mudslinging and they know that Clem and I are a team.”

Campana and Brown said that if the letters come to light they will turn them over to the appropriate authorities for investigation.

To show our unbiased unbiasness, we believe Campana and Brown are way off the reservation on this one. Sure, if the GOP had a track record of fake phone calls and anonymous letters we might buy it. But this? Inconceivable.


This was actually a surprise.

For one thing, the credit for much of Troy's revival, especially its vastly improved fiscal status, belongs to former Mayor Mark Pattison, who was barred by the city's term limit law from seeking a third term four years ago. There is no mistaking that Mr. Pattison set the city on a course for revival by having the courage to raise taxes and save the city from bankruptcy. That sent a signal to investors and developers that Troy was serious about getting its house in order. And that set in motion many of the projects that are now becoming reality.

Congrats to Conroy. The Republicans, including Mayor Tutunjian, continue to bemoan any tax raise that occurred under Pattison while simultaneously applauding their own responsible, revenue enhancing measures. Ever notice that they don't give those tax raises back to the residents? If they were not necessary, give them back. No excuses, just lower taxes by 20% Or is the money raised by those taxes being spent by the GOP?


The County GOP has failed to not only file it's 11 Day Pre-General Election filings but it's 32 Day Pre-General Election filings. What's the hold-up? You have paid staffers. Is there something you don't want to disclose before the election? Push-Poll payments perhaps? Even the Greenbush Party has filed.

Finally, congratulations to The Record's Jim Franco. Rumor has it that he's the new, permanent City Editor.

We'll take a look at the At-Large race tomorrow. Then, it's on to Tuesday.

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