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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


From Talespin. Hey, why reinvent the wheel.

The Times Union has by far the best set-up for area political junkies during an election: a blog for local politics, voter guides, full election results.....all on-line. We can't understand why The Record doesn't give Franco and the other boys and girls down to The Record the same least for a month or two before each election. A team/journalist blog dedicated to Rensselaer County politics would, in our opinion, attract many readers. There's certainly enough material to work with and The Record, when it devotes the time, does a better job covering the inside baseball stuff that would help a blog thrive.

It appears that Schodack write-in candidate Ray Lemka is holding his own after the absentee count. According to The Record, Lemka enjoys a 10-vote lead in his race to unseat Supervisor Beth Secor. Thirty-two ballots have been challenged.


Charles "JR" Casale was charged with possession of stolen property for stealing a political sign off the lawn of Charles "CB" Smith on Election Day. The sign read: "Your Casale Excavation Team: Evers - Deso - Spain," and was in reference to a slate of candidates running against a slate backed by Smith and company. Smith is alleging Casale threatened him with physical violence and would have followed through if Smith did not lock himself in his car. While locked in the car, according to Smith, Casale was trying to get in, and he was calling 911.The fact it came down to almost blows in North Greenbush is not surprising. What is surprising is that it came short of coming to blows and that it took this long to get there. We wish we were there but there is always next year. While his slate lost, one thing Smith does not do is give up. - Talespin, November 12, 2007


An emergency meeting of the Troy City Council scheduled for Thursday evening was abruptly canceled. The emergency? Protecting the jobs and salaries of appointees. Look for the administration to attempt to pass some half-assed (or maybe whole-assed) legislation requiring a unanimous council vote to reduce the salaries of such positions as Corporation Counsel.....

Sounds like an emergency to us. Should be fun to watch.


The South Troy Gateway Project has many residents up-in-arms. The $55,000 project was supposed to tidy-up the Menands Bridge area in case company dropped in unexpectedly. The project is now complete and many area residents (and not just those living under the bridge) are more than disappointed in the result. We haven't been down that way in a while so we can't comment on the aesthetics of the completed project.

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