The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Here are links to some of the latest stories:

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Rensselaer County DA's Race tighter than ever: Times Union;

Schodack Supervisor's Race: Times Union;


The Troy GOP was stunned by their losses on Tuesday. Not surprised, not disappointed, but stunned. They expected a worse case scenario of 5-4, viewing Bob Krogh and Mark McGrath as vulnerable. Why McGrath? No idea. The veto-proof majority and Bauer's third-place showing has them dispirited (understandably so).

There's also a rumor that an internal GOP poll, conducted a few weeks back, showed the GOP winning District's 1,5,6, two of the three At-Large seats with Campana in a dead heat with Ciccarelli. Again, just a rumor.

In the DA's race, the most recent GOP polls showed Cholakis with either a 9 or an 11 point lead (reports differ). They weren't expecting a hard-charging, street fight but got one.

Troy DPW Commissioner Bob Mirch, Deputy Mayor Dan Crawley and Communications Director Jeff Buell swung by the Democratic festivities Tuesday night to congratulate the victors. They had to leave early to pick up Colleen Reagan.

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