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Friday, October 28, 2005


We're cutting Trash Trish week for this story. It's too good to pass up.

We always thought that fighting the expansion of the County jail would be a good issue for Dems. Like Dunne, who took the lead, we were laughed at. Now, someone else has stepped forward.

Every time we think we've had enough of Uncle Joe he pulls something like this:

TROY - State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno said Thursday in order to fully utilize prime waterfront property, the city's greatest asset, City Hall should be torn down and the jail should be moved.

Here's the entire article from Jim Franco.

Do we all remember when Councilman Dunne made the same argument about the jail being on prime waterfront property? Franco mentions it just as a reminder.

Now, lets see if those same Council members, if the County Sheriff, if many of the TP readers will blast Uncle Joe the way they blasted the Democratic Councilman.

Of course Dunne and Bruno are correct. Expansion should not take place and if the county can't get around the state mandate, the jail should be moved. Trojans don't think long term. We don't want a large county jail right on the waterfront, or within the city limits. Dunne was the first to speak out about this issue, now Joe's on board.

Now lets hear those brave Dunne critics react to Joe's idea. We can hear it now: "Senator Bruno's right but we don't have the resources...." Hell, Dunne was fighting a battle just to stop the expansion. Colier claimed to be against expansion (because she knows it's unpopular in South Troy) but wasn't about to stand up to the machine. Now Joe wants to tear the thing down, which sounds like a job for the Action Team.

Hell, we didn't even suggest tearing the thing down. We suggested a jail-themed Bed & Breakfast.

This could still be an issue in those South Troy races. And if it is, isn't Joe's timing interesting?

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