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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


We'd like to welcome all of our City Hall visitors but something tells me they won't be back. Pity, now they'll be less informed than ever.

The Troy Polloi would like to thank Jim Franco and the Talespin team for the mentions we got in Monday's Talespin. Thanks, Record and Talespin. Monday's edition can be found here. Nothing like a little lovin' on a dreary Monday.

Mr. Franco had another story on the Troy Democrats cutting spree.

It looks like the Dems have found some more fat (no pun intended) in Harry's bare-bones budget. Unfortunately, that included the $12,000 a year, state mandated Bingo Inspector. Come now boys, cut all you want, but don't touch the Bingo Inspector.

In all seriousness, the Democrats have found another $300,000+ that could be cut, sparing Trojans another Harry Tax Hike. City Hall's response, none of the candidates have been to the budget meetings.

In theory, not a bad response. Why haven't they been to the budget meetings? In reality, we know why. Politics around here doesn't work that way. The Republicans are in charge and will not listen to any suggestions about the budget. They're going to do whatever they want no matter how many people show up at meetings.

Otherwise, Harry's response was non-existent. He had no response because most of those items can be cut. Harry says he cut three lawyers from his staff and that is why there is a $168,000 budget for consultants. Wait a minute, Harry: earlier you cut two Corporation Counsel attorneys for a grand savings of $70,000. Add another to those two and you have three attorneys for $105,000, a saving of $63,000.

What about Harry's 2004 State of the City speech (last paragraph, page 5, which you can access by going to our Troy link). Harry said that we would not have a full-time Corporation Counsel and that all legal matters could be handled by his talented staff? Well, Mitchell is pulling in $80,000! Is he full-time? He better be. And way isn't that talented staff handling all legal matters? Men! They promise, promise, promise and never come through.

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