The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Wednesday, October 12, 2005



How do people in Lansingburgh and in other parts of Troy feel about demolishing the Freihofer building? Just curious. The City and Freihofer's lost round one when Justice James Canfield ruled that they did not follow proper procedure. Of course, they can appeal or go through the proper procedures so the building has a stay of execution but it has not yet received a full pardon.

Is this a big deal to people in The Burgh? In the city? Of what historical significance is the building? It has nostalgia value. That we understand. Shouldn't property owners, with limited exceptions, be allowed to do what they want with their property?

Maybe it's not a big issue anywhere but any insight would be of interest.

On a side note, chalk up another loss of Corp. Counsel David Mitchell. Damn, can he win anything without John Bailey around. We could have lost this case for a lot less than he gets paid.


It's that time of year again. The weather is getting chilly, the leaves are changing, the daylight hours grow short and the Troy City Council is actually proposing some things. Fall? Nope, election time. How do we know? Because that's the only time they attempt to do anything.

Collier wants to clean up the south end entrance to Troy, near the Menands Bridge. Can't figure out why she waited until now.

Armet is pushing for more money for the police. Why in October of an election year?

The best is the revitalization of Lansingburgh. For the sake of all that live there, we hope it happens. We doubt it will. We hear this stuff all the time and what happens? Nothing. Lansingburgh, don't hold your breath.


The Troy Polloi has heard an interesting rumor but it is nothing more than that. It's a rumor and only time will tell if it's true. We invite anyone mentioned here to comment on the rumor's validity.

The rumor is that some people are going to attempt a takeover of the Democratic Party in Troy (which is akin to taking over Uganda, you can probably do it but why bother).

According to this rumor, Steve Dworsky, Frank LaPosta and Wayne Foy, among others, may be attempting a takeover after the election.

The rumor does have a ring of truth, the takeover that is, not necessarily those particular people. If the upcoming elections go as we anticipate, the Democrats will not do well. That is when coups are undertaken. We take no position on any leadership squabbles within the Democratic Party but it would be interesting to watch.

This leads us to Mirch. He and Dworsky are still tight. Is Mirch behind this? Is he hedging his bets because Harry will have to raise taxes in the 2006 and 2007 budgets, thereby weakening his chances for a return trip to City Hall (or will it be a hotel by then?) It would be just like No-Show Bob to hedge his bets and whore himself out to get the best pension available.

By the way, does anyone have Mirch's "Bruno Constituent Services" cell phone number? We have a medical emergency here and Mirch was the first person that came to mind.


The North Greenbush Democratic Party has a blog! Unfortunately, you can't leave a comment. If you're going to blog, why not allow comments? That's half the fun.

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