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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Remember Stevie the Trooper? You may have seen him. He was rail-thin and used to walk the city dressed as a faux police officer. Stevie would try to impress people with his forensic skills and his virility ("I have ninety-nine girlfriends, I go out with one, lay low for awhile and go out with another."). Stevie used to threaten people with arrest. Stevie had some problems.

Mirch and Crawley remind us of Stevie the Trooper (no offense, Stevie). Which brings us to....

The Ryan Fitzpatrick story in Tuesday's Record. Either vandals or old age has attacked Mt. Ida cemetery.

Erin Blakeborough and her father Miles claim that vandals have damaged the cemetery. Erin Blakeborough is a candidate for Rensselaer County Legislature.

We liked two things about this story: a statement by Blakeborough and, of course, statements by Bob "The Trooper" Mirch.

Blakeborough said that, "You should care for your deceased." Of course, she's right. Our society shows little respect for the elderly and for those who are gone. We just appreciate the irony, as someone may need to care for the remains of the Democratic Party on November 9th, the day after the election. Still, we wish Erin well. It's always nice to see young people get involved and put themselves on the line, especially against the well-oiled Republican juggernaut that rules the county.

Then, there's No-Show Bob. He called Miles a liar. He's pulled out the old, "He's disgraced public employees with these allegations." Then, of course, he attacks Miles Blakeborough by making fun of Blakeborough's deteriorating health. "Well, I'd like to see Miles when he's 131 years old and see if he can stand up."

Blakeborough is disgracing* the employees of the Public Works Department? How about personal attacks on a Troy citizen by a Public Officer, No-Show Bob? Is that disgraceful? Does your boss like the idea of his underlings attacking citizens? Is that the job of the DPW Commissioner, to get ugly and personal with residents? Mayor Harry, admonish your DPW Commissioner. Better yet, fire him. Now if No-Show Bob was criticizing Blakeborough while wearing his County Legislator's hat, that may be a different story.

But isn't that the real point? Which part of the Mirch Trinity was it? City Bob? County Bob? State Bob? That's the problem, isn't it. The real disgrace here is Mirch**, a disgrace as a public servant. Bob, you're the one who's collecting $30,000 a year for a job you can't prove you do. How about some time sheets, Bob. We'd like you to account for your time on all three jobs. The hard work done by the DPW rank and file is disgraced by a man that collects two other public pay checks. They work hard while you collect three pay checks for one and 1/2 jobs. Who's disgracing them, Bob?

Bob, what would have been wrong with a simple statement like, "We do not believe there has been vandalism. The police department will, however, look into the matter." Don't tell us there's a political history between these two. It's no excuse. You're a class act, No-Show.

Harry, a true leader does not allow his subordinates to insult Troy residents. Mirch should be publicly admonished for what he said, if he was wearing his City Bob hat.

Which brings us back to our original point. Like Crawley recently, No-Show threatened to have Blakeborough arrested. Mirch and Crawley are like Troy's new Stevie the Trooper. They obviously have a cop fixation and are dying to go out and arrest people. Was there something preventing them from joining the force when younger? Some background problems? Perhaps the Council, instead of giving Mirch a hands-free cell phone, should deck him out in a uniform like Stevie's. He could wander the city and carry on Stevie's tradition. He's doing it anyway, just get him the uniform.

* His word, not mine

** Do all photographs of No-Show Bob make him look as if he's suffering from severe intestinal blockage?

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