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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


As everyone by now knows, Jen Sober has sued our soon to be County Court Judge for wrongful termination. As much as we love the drama of the Sober suit, it's likely a she-said, she-said case. Also, we're unsure about the actual claim. Sure, DeAngelis looks bad in the suit, but Sober was an at-will employee and doesn't seem to have been fired because of her race, gender, religion or any of the big no-no's. We'll let the lawyers sort that out.

What we do know is that damage at the Burden Lake Country Club exceeded $400, alcohol was involved, someone brandished a weapon and the owner did not want the ADA's to come back. That is why the START fundraiser was held someplace else this year. Obviously, the owner doesn't want a headache and we can't blame him.

Aside from that, Sober's suit seems like sour grapes. After all, no other ADA has brought a similar claim against DeAngelis.

What's that? Hold on a minute. What's this?

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Trish, Trish, not another one? This one was actually paid. You're in charge for less than three years and this is the result?

It's our undertsanding that the ADA who brought the claim was David Rynkowski. Rynkowski had a good reputation and handled many of the felony DWI cases. The police respected him and he was a good, hard-nosed prosecutor able to do his job without being reversed for misconduct. As for politics, lets just say that Rynkowski had worked for a Republican Senator from the Buffalo area. No crazy, whacked out Lib like Sober, hey Abelove.

Sober, Rynkowski, twelve other defections from a relatively small DA's office in less than three years: common denominator? Take a guess.

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