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Friday, October 14, 2005


Some of the Troy Polloi's detractors believe that not even a dog would be caught reading The Troy Polloi. Now, thanks to a regular reader, we now know that isn't true. Ladies and Gentlemen, the world's most well informed dog:

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Tim O'Brien's column seems pretty much on point. We hate to say it but he's right: Democrats have to give voters a reason to dump the Republicans and they haven't, so far. Republicans haven't given voters any reason to keep them, other than the fact that the average voter generally has a default setting of "vote for the incumbent."

Harry's proposed budget undercut the hopes of the Democrats. Under Tutunjian, taxes have gone up 8%, but only 1.5% this year. We have a feeling and it's just a feeling, that Harry's budget represents some of the most creative fiction being written today. No new revenue sources, skewed police overtime numbers, huge increases in medical benefits and Troy only needs 1.5% to balance the budget?

Hey, if the numbers all check out, great job, Harry. We truly do not like taxes. If you can pull off a miracle like that, they should pack you off to Iraq to find those weapons of mass destruction.

Next year will be the true test. That's when we'll get hit with the real taxes that were passed on in an election year. If we're wrong, and we hope we are, we hereby pledge that the Troy Polloi will purchase the gold plaque for the Tutunjian Room at the Bruno Hotel, Troy, NY.

Have a safe and happy weekend.

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