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Monday, October 17, 2005


A New Video, based on a lawsuit,is rumored to be ready for release:

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Michele Bolton has the full story.

Taking our lead from Republicans, we'll assume that each allegation is true. Why bother making the Plaintiff prove her case? We love this story because it has everything:

Intimate dreams and ambitions:

Court papers say the friendship that began in 1996 "evolved to the point whereby (DeAngelis) confided intimate personal as well as political information in the plaintiff. ... (DeAngelis) likewise confided her dreams and ambitions, including becoming Rensselaer County District Attorney."

Sober said DeAngelis often said, "Thank God you're here," and complimented the prosecutor for being the one staff member who knew what she was doing in the beleaguered office, which has lost 10 of its 15 assistants over the past two years.

Ass saving, and there's nothing we like better than saving a little ass:

DeAngelis heartily thanked Sober repeatedly for "saving my ass," court papers claim.


In one instance, the comment "was in response to (Sober) providing (DeAngelis) with case law to support the prosecutor's position in a matter involving the 'Speedy Trial' statute,' " documents say. "Defendant DeAngelis said, 'Oh, my God; this changes everything. How did I not know that?"

Wild Get-Togethers

DeAngelis also allegedly struggled to cover up that her drunken assistants crashed carts and tore up turf during a 2004 golf tournament with police at the Burden Lake Golf Course in Averill Park.

"DeAngelis told (Sober) how she had done everything in her power to convince the owner not to prosecute, to arrange for repayment by the responsible parties and to keep the incident out of the press," documents say.

Then, a month later, the district attorney prosecuted a handful of local teenagers to the full extent of the law who did the same thing, including two sons of a Democratic county legislator. When Sober brought up her concern of unfairness, she says Abelove told her that putting people in jail was the district attorney's job.


Sober says Abelove berated her as being "a Democrat, a Liberal and a bleeding heart" and told her their job as prosecutors was to "get the most time as we could."

When Sober disagreed and said their job was supposed to be about justice, "(He) told her to mind her own business."

We can't wait for the pillow fight scene.

The golf cart incident is a badly kept secret. It occurred during a START fundraiser. Maybe her new slogan can be: "Tough on Crime unless you're a drunken ADA in a golf cart!"

The allegations against Abelove also ring true. Abelove was a well-known 1st Degree A-----e with Oakleaf Clusters.

The Romano story is one of the blackest marks on a black record of incompetence. No one likes the idea of a teenager entering a school with a shotgun. That is not the way to get invited to more parties. Romano also wounded two people. He deserved punishment. He also needs mental health services, the kind unavailable in our state penal system. Abelove and DeAngelis can talk about being "tough on crime" all they want. The fact is, Romano, if he survives jail, will be getting out in twenty years. That's twenty years to brood, twenty years without proper mental health services and twenty years of experience with hardcore criminals. We wouldn't want to live near him when he gets released.

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