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Monday, October 24, 2005


The citizens of Rensselaer County will make a monumental decision in two weeks (no, not the legislature). They will elect a county court judge, a steward of justice for our county. It is a decision not to be taken lightly. It surely shouldn't be taken as lightly as Bruno's decision on who would be the Republican nominee.

Patricia DeAngelis is unfit for any public position, least of all that of County Court judge.

DeAngelis has less than three years experience as a District Attorney. During her stewardship, the Rensselaer County District Attorneys Office has become a joke. During her tenure, there have been ten or more defections from the office, a startling high number for an office that size. ADA's have quit before they've secured other positions. One staffer left after it was discovered she was making a full-time salary while going to school full-time.

Jen Sober, a former ADA has brought suit for wrongful termination and that's not the only former ADA to bring a claim against the office.

DeAngelis has proven to be immature and incapable of administering the office. She will trash supposed friends (Sober) in order to climb the political ladder. She has been inept in the courtroom, leading to overturned convictions for unethical behavior.

Some will argue that "She gets convictions!" First, the conviction rate around the state hovers at 95%-98%. It's her job to get convictions, just as every other prosecutor gets convictions. Second, lets say she is a good prosecutor. Does that mean she will be a good judge? Frankly, we don't think so. Not in her case because she was a lousy administrator. Anyone who attempts to argue otherwise....well it would be silly to argue otherwise.

There are too many unanswered questions about DeAngelis' reign as DA. She wouldn't look into the Weed n' Seed scandal. Conversely, the County Legislature refused to look into the Ellis matter. These matters need looking into and they don't need to happen while DeAngelis is on the bench. In fact, we believe the Ellis matter needs looking into, now. As does the likelihood of the coverup at the Burden Lake Country Club. We know the owner said it was only $400 in damages (but we have good reason to believe it was in the thousands). Recklessly damaging property in the amount 0f $250 or more is a misdemeanor. She didn't look into it because it implicated people in her office. That's a coverup friends.

For us, the biggest reason to vote against DeAngelis is the fact that she accepted the nomination. If DeAngelis had admitted that she was too young for the position, if she had said that she needed more experience, she might have salvaged a modicum of respect. Instead, her blind ambition prevailed and we'll likely be saddled with her for at least ten years.

Shame on you, Joe Bruno! She's your creature and you chose to elevate her to this post. This isn''t like throwing a bone to Mirch or choosing who will run for County Executive. This is important and has long-term implications. There were plenty of qualified, mature Republicans and you chose the one person who has time and time again demonstrated a true gift for incompetence at every level. The person who has singlehandidly ruined the DA's office and made it a laughingstock. Joe, you need to go now. This is not your feudal playground. You're a disgrace and you should step away from public life while you still have some self-respect.

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