The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Friday, October 21, 2005


The history of politics is filled with memorable debates. There's the Lincoln-Douglas debate, the Kennedy-Nixon debate and the Reagan-Mondale debate. Then comes the second-tier of verbal jousting which includes the famous Greg v Marcia Brady debate for Class President, 1972. Then, way down the line is the District 4-5-6 classic of 2005.

The Troy Polloi sent our intrepid correspondant to the Wednesday night debate that featured all candidates for Districts 4-5-6. Between naps, she did get some good stuff.

First, Carolin Collier: God! And it's not just the hair (which by the way is the last known 1987 female mullett in existence). Collier is about as articulate as Helen Keller. Apparently, she's done good work the past four years and you should vote for her so she can continue to do good work.

Next, Bob Krogh. Bob is a very nice guy and we like him. We also like a good shot of Johnny Walker Black but don't want it on the council. He does win Mr. Amiability. "I agree with him, I agree with her, I agree with everybody."

Finally, William Pascarell. Bill kept on bumping his head on the table every time he stood up. He's apparently proud that his headquarters is not paid for by public funds. Of course, no political headquarters is paid for by public funds but what the hell, stand proud!

Our correspondant was however riveted by the brilliant solutions offered to combat Troy's problems.

1- Jobs are good;
2- Police help fight crime*;
3- More revenue.

* In a shocking display of bipartisanship, each candidate was against crime

Next week, we continue our search for the elusive Dan Crawley sandwich.

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