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Sunday, November 08, 2015


How many of you have wondered how much each mayoral vote cost? Thought so.

We have assembled our crack team of accountants, they have grabbed their respective abacuses (or abacusi) and promptly fell asleep. Here's the breakdown. This does not include money spent in the eleven days preceding the general election. It also does not necessarily reflect the full amount of money spent by other entities (County, State Committees, Unions)  on behalf of a candidate. It does not, nor can it, reflect bribes, pay-offs, sales tax or other scurrilous behavior. We'll have a better picture in a week or so of what was flushed in the days that lead to November 3, 2015. 

Taking the Times Union numbers from their October 30, 2015 article we have the following:

Wm. Patrick Madden (D) - $54, 268.37

Rodney Wiltshire (WFP) - $46,915.43

James Gordon (R) - $26,978.15 (includes almost $10,000 spent by the State GOP on behalf of Gordon).

Jack Cox (RVP) - $6824.15

Madden = $17.96 per vote.

Wiltshire  =  $25.40 per vote.

Gordon =  $11.21 per vote.

Cox = $52.30 per vote.

 Madden easily wins the fiscal responsibility award. Spending more than Gordon, less than Wiltshire but having something more than a Certificate of Participation to show for it.* So, if you're  a fiscal conservative, this may be the candidate for you.

* This article does not intend to denigrate helicopter parents or millennials  who have either fostered or rose to maturity in an era where all are celebrated no matter how badly they suck. This article does not reflect the thoughts, positions or opinions of the Troy Polloi and any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.


Anonymous said...

Get some bang for your buck with Madden.

Anonymous said...

Gordon's spending from state Republicans and other big money sources far exceed number shown in article.

Anonymous said...

Wiltshire ROI worthy of Enron.

Anonymous said...

I think the article reflects the facts that some money expended on behalf of candidates isn't included. Especially Gordon and Wiltshire.

Anonymous said...

Any chance Gordon spent $9.11 per vote? That would have been sweet.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Republican State Committee is sorry they spent one dime on Gordon. Of course these are the people that give Ken Z a job, so no wonder they can't win races.

Anonymous said...

The State Committee had some money, saw the split Democratic vote and thought it was worth a shot. Also, it would hurt Chris Gibson if some cities were in the hands of the GOP when Gibson runs for gov. Personally, I hope they dumped more than ten thousand into the race.