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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


What is the role of the New York State Comptroller's Office in this Tax Cap business? Funny you should ask.

Prescribes Requirements for Excess Funds to Be Placed in Reserve
The Comptroller requires excess tax funds be placed in a reserve fund if a local government:
  • exceeds the tax cap due to clerical or technical errors; or
  • exceeds the tax cap without complying with cap override rules.
Reserve funds are then applied to the next year’s budget.

For those who can't get laid, the full Property Tax Cap legislation can be found here.

Does that sound like the tax revenue that exceeds the cap is placed in a special fund and cannot be used for the reasons it was raised in the first place? Tough love.


Meanwhile, Ken Crowe at the Times Union has some great tweets from the Council Meeting:


Officer Josh Comitale spoke against cutting ERT training and explained that ERT Training saved his life. Doubtful anyone will argue with that opinion.

We wonder if Chief Tedesco would actually regret having to disband the ERT Team. Also, might need new cell phones for police.

Bob Doherty (D-4) stated the city is in fiscal crisis and he would vote to override the tax cap. He also said that he would personally take in 13 Syrian refugees.

Council President Wiltshire is laying blame, according to Ken Crowe.

Councilman Gordon offered to cut 911 funds. He votes no.

We think Councilwoman Robertson may be the key. We can't believe we just wrote that. Doherty, Bodnar, Galuski, Sullivan-Teta, and Kopka will probably vote to override. Will Robertson?

Exciting stuff. We'll check back tomorrow. Good night and good luck.


Anonymous said...

Read Wiltshire's comments in TU. Wow! They proposed a series of cuts I thought, yet don't vote to exceed cap? Thankfully he will not be the Mayor.

Anonymous said...

I'm still getting my holiday check. I even changed my withholdings so I get 90% of it. I don't know what everyone is so upset about, it's nice and toasty in the Firehouse.
Less plowing? Good, those plows are loud when I'm trying to sleep at work.
The UFA is going to get in on the Lou terror campaign, we have a great idea to solve this mess:

Who dosent want more heroes?


Pay up DBags!

Anonymous said...

Fortunately we have some courageous council members who represent the people of Troy. Thank you councilors Zalewski, Wiltshire, Gordon and Robertson.

Anonymous said...

Four of the biggest losers Troy has seen in a long long time.

Anonymous said...

It's not about courage, it's about good governance and sitting down together the WHOLE council with the Administration and problem solving. Maybe if they had done that we wouldn't be at this dire place. If Rodney had shown up for last two years maybe we wouldn't be in such a deep hole? Courage my ass, it's shirking the responsibility of actually doing something productive.