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Monday, November 02, 2015


Since someone started this, we thought we'd follow up. This may be the first election cycle where social media (Twitter, Facebook etc) is on full blast. Cranked up to 11. Instant messages drafted and shared, responses in almost real time, cats and dogs living together. Total chaos. We don't necessarily approve of this instant access. People have become too casual in their writing and too quick to respond to attacks. We should go back to letter-writing, a lost art. Two years ago we had the same social media but not to this extent. Just about every candidate has a facebook page and a twitter account.

We've compiled a list of facebook likes and Twitter followers for the various campaigns and parties. It will be interesting to see to what extent prominence on facebook or Twitter translates into actual support. We understand using the page for announcements, fundraising invites and scheduling. We wonder if some candidates believe it can take the place of the often exhausting door-to-door campaigning that wins races.

Can we glean anything from all of this, including what the hell 'glean' means.

Troy Democratic Committee - 43 likes

Carol Weaver for City Council At-Large - 100 likes

It's About the 'Burgh: Jim Gulli for Councilman - 130 likes

Kim Ashe-McPherson Troy City Council At-Large - 179 likes

Anansha Cumming Troy City Council - 306 likes

Jim Gordon for Mayor - 328

Troy Republican Committee - 330 likes

Team Troy - 358 likes

Patrick Madden for Mayor - 665 likes

Carmella Mantello for Troy - 676 likes

Rodney Wiltshire for Troy - 903

Councilman Jim Gordon Should Resign - 1500 likes

Troy GOP - 41

Angry Jim Gordon - 53

Team Gordon - 56

Patrick Madden - 83

Rodney Wiltshire - 495

Rensselaer County Dems  - 570

Jim Gordon - 683

Carmella Mantello - 1,121

Don't know what this says. Probably not much.


The Troy Polloi Community facebook page (no affiliation with The Troy Polloi) has compiled a few videos. One highly effective video is of the At-Large candidates answering (or not) questions. The page's author has also transcribed the Gordon 911 call so you can listen and read what was said. Rather effective as well. Whoever produces those videos is pretty good for an amateur.


Anonymous said...

All the republicans up in arms over the use of the 911 call. Please! You scumbags (led by Rich Crist) wrote the book on dirty tactics! You're all just pissed off that the Dems got over on you using your own dirty tricks! Calm down scumbags it'll bye over soon enough!

Anonymous said...

No way there's a Angry Jim Gordon twitter account.

Anonymous said...

Please everyone don't forget to vote yes on the Charter revision. It's on the back.

Anonymous said...

How many times have the police been at your house???

Anonymous said...

I heard Rodney's people are pushing a yes vote on the Charter. That's all I need to know to vote against it.

Anonymous said...

Most of the charter changes appear to be housekeeping matter, except the change in council representation. Saving $30K is not the issue, the reduction is representation is. I don't like elevating the council presidency to near mayor status.

Anonymous said...

Rodney and his people have been against the charter change.

Anonymous said...

Then vote YES!

Anonymous said...

Not his #1 fan, Kenny Z.