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Monday, November 02, 2015


In a campaign season that has seen its share of surprises, this one is the biggest of all. County Executive Kathy Jimino (R) recently endorsed Democratic candidate for Mayor of Troy, Patrick Madden. Given the family connection, this shouldn't be a huge surprise and has been overplayed by the Democrats. No one expects one sibling to campaign against another, or endorse the siblings opponent. Sure, there are ways to do it but this isn't a big PR coup. It may be important for certain votes within the city. That shouldn't be underestimated.

What is a much bigger deal is that Dean Bodnar (R-3) is apparently endorsing Rodney Wiltshire in the WFP candidate's quest for the mayoralityship. The news was announced by Ken Zalewski on Ken's facebook page. Ken welcomed Dean to the Team Troy Family.

This is a brave move for Bodnar, not known for creating much controversy. We should have known though. When we went back to look at the Team Troy photo, it all made sense.

Dean will likely win so Team Troy can claim another victory.

We did call the Gordon camp for a comment: "Fuck You!" We think they're still pissed about the voter profiles.


We want to thank our loyal readers for making the Troy Polloi the number 1 site solely devoted to Troy politics. We actually wish there was a Republican counterpart. Why isn't there  Republican blog?

Anyway, we know we aren't facebook or twitter. We don't know much about that new-fangled technology. We have been averaging about 1,000 visitors a day. Yesterday, we hit our high of just over 1,600 visitors and today, a new high  of almost 2,000 visitors. We'll never be able to write all those thank you notes. So, whether you love us, hate us or are indifferent, thanks. We couldn't have done it without you.


Anonymous said...

Now that's funny!!!! Your getting desparate slick. Just cause Dean was at LoPorto's tonight? He met Minor there for a bite ---not for a secret meeting with the Delusional Bunch. Republicans & Democrats can co-exist you know.

Anonymous said...

Sign of weakness.

Anonymous said...

Later today, Dan Doran will be endorsing Frank LaPosta. Steve Dworsky will be in attendance.

Anonymous said...

11:18 I don't think its meant to be serious. Obviously the BodMan isn't endorsing Wiltshire.

Anonymous said...

11:18- Go buy yourself a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Lol. Bodnar doesn't want the endorsement of those wingnuts. Talk about the Kiss of Death.

Anonymous said...

bodnar accepted the WFP wingnut endorsement---same one shared with the crazies on Row E this year. He bout adoubt it!

Phana24JG said...

I STILL want to know how people can accept the Conservative endorsement and the WFP line? I get that he is in a tight race, but unless the moonbat population is larger than I think in D3, I would think any benefit would be offset by the Neanderthals that might just skip this race.